[CLOSED] Tower Available @YSCB on TS1

Howdy, I’ll be on for about an hour or so, unless something comes up
As always I’d appreciate some feedback, and I’m sorry in advanced for any mistakes I make :) :) :)

@Snow_Cone can’t miss this opportunity. I’ll be there in about 10-15 minutes.

KASE uses runway 33 for departures, and 15 for arrivals. It is a very bad idea to do anything else due to terrain, hence it is bad for practice as patterns cannot be flown

(Edited to correct runways)

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I see, ok I’ll change it to somewhere else

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@OJFam if you don’t see this sorry mate but changed to Sydney region sorry if I’m not at KASE…

Nope you caught me, I’ll be there.

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@Insertusernamehere Just wondering isn’t harder to land on 33 given the mountains?

My mistake, 15 for landing 33 for departures

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@Snow_Cone be back in a bit. So far only problem is that you told me to enter the right downwind after I took off, which is unesscary as I’m already in the pattern.

Oh ok so once already in the pattern it’s not needed unless you need to make changes?

That is correct. Only if your inbound or requesting a runway change.

Ok will keep that in mind thanks for the info!

@Snow_Cone G-OJFam, a Cessna Citation X, crashed into a supermarket just .2 nm out of YSCB. There we no survivors.

Any feedback time… would you like it to be a pm, or here?

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You can say if you want here you choose.

I’ll go to pm in case you have any Questions.

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