(Closed) Tower at PHNL TS1

This my first ATC on PHNL, so I will most likely make mistakes. Please tell me what I did wrong so I can be better next time. I would perfer lf you use runways 04R and 04 L for takeoffs and 08 L and 08 R for landings. For touch and goes use runway 08 L and 04 R . I need someone to work the ground- SingaporeAirlines


Will come do two quick patterns …

okay, i will do my best.

On my way, expect feedback. :)

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okay, thanks.

I was HERO requesting touch and go got clearance to land not for the option idk if intentional grounding

sorry, again I’m new to ATC, and I’m trying. My apologies HERO.

I’m on my way, I’ll help you to control the ground ;)


okay thanks.

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Changed my device for awhile

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Alright. For this being one of your first times, you did a good job. Please do not take any of this feedback negatively, I am here to help. Here are a few things to work on:

  • Instead of telling me to hold position when I’m short of a runway, simply tell me to hold short of runway xx. You should also utilize the “Line up and wait” command, or LUAW for short. These commands should be in your overall ATC command selection menu out by themselves.

  • Instead of automatically clearing me for takeoff when it is available, wait for me to tell you my intentions. This may include departing x direction, or remaining in the pattern for some TnG’s. If my intentions are not stated within a reasonable amount of time, ask for my intentions. This is also be in the basic ATC menu.

  • Since you did not ask for my intentions, you had no idea of what I was planning to do after I took off. In my instance, I was going to do some pattern work. Once you knew my intentions, and I was in the air, sequence me so I know who I am following. Be sure to do that with all inbounds. For inbounds, a pattern entry is also needed. Such as enter left/right downwind/base. Sequencing can be done from the sequencing ATC category, as well as a follow up command for pattern entries. Pattern Entries can be found in the fairly easy to find Pattern Entries ATC category.

  • Besides that, you seemed to overuse the Stand By and Expedite commands quite a bit. Instead of saying stand by when you made a mistake, say “Correction, Stand by” or “Disregard Last Message”. Which can both be found in the Correction ATC category. Only use expedite when it is necessary, don’t use expedite for taking off unless you actually need them to take off quickly. If you need me to go further up in the downwind leg, use the “Extend Downwind” command, or the “I’ll call your base” command. Both of those can be found in the Pattern Entries ATC category.

I would also highly recommend Infinite Flight’s ATC video tutorial series on YouTube made by Mark Denton and Tyler Sheldon to any new, or experienced ATC.

You have great potential. Keep up the great work, and never get down because it seems hard. You are doing great.


Thank you for the feedback.

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Hi, I’m not done, sorry. I accidentally hit reply. So stand by. :)

Roger Captain Matt

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Pretty good job considering you are new to ATC , I was Speedbird 2.

Only thing I would say in regards to feedback is there is no need to clear me for immediate take off when there are no aircraft inbound or awaiting take off…

That is all , you have serious potential my friend :)

Okay thank you, I shall remember this.

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Here’s something.

When I say remaining in the pattern, that means I want to do a pattern, no matter how big it is. After takeoff give me instructions of where I should be in the pattern or, give me sequencing. DO NOT tell them to contact another frequency, unless it’s busy and there’s an approach controller, that’s a different story.

Otherwise very good.

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Okay thank you.

Going to close soon ;)

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okay, I just did.