(Closed) Tower at EGLL on TS1 (feedback welcome)

I will be doing the tower. Runways 27 R will be for landings.27 L will be used for takeoffs.

Good luck. FYG IRL just the South runway ( 08R/26L) is used for both take off and landings. The two runways are two close together for parallel operations.

OMW in the F-14 from East Midlands! See you soon! whats the visibility?

Very low, can barley see out of the ATC tower.

ok so ill tell my gunner to get his throw-up bag ready?

About to close up on ATC. attention all aircraft London Heathrow tower is now closed good day!

You did a very good job… however for people remaining in the pattern… try and give them cleared ils approach when they are on downwind. but you had alot on your plate… so i understand why not! Great job!

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Thank you very much, you did well on the touch and goes. When you landed for real the A380 on the runway I was like I need to get him in the air so I cleared him for takeoff.

its all good!! i had slowed down betting you were gunna push him out… the other option was to set flaps to 0 and gun it ahead of him hahahaah

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Thank you for your feedback I’m trying to get better at ATC

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