[CLOSED] Tower and Ground@KSAN - TS2

I am practising ATC right now at KSAN! I will be controlling for 20-30 minutes. See you there!

Alright, I’m joining

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I crashed an A330 into Runway 24 at over 500 kts

I saw that…

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Here I come

Nice sequencing! A little close for comfort, but it was good to fly. Imagine my excitement when Flagship 27 decided to troll his Cessna into my face when I was 10 seconds from touchdown, taking off against traffic without clearance. Also, you cleared a jet for takeoff less than 1 NM in front of me, so I compensated with flaps and spoilers and hoped he would hit his throttles and get moving.

After you cleared me for takeoff and pattern work, and I was flying east at 2000’ toward the sequenced jets to take my place in line for landing, your ground controller called me on the radio to let me know I was sitting on an active airport and would I please call ground.

Seriously though, thank you guys - that was good fun.

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Cessnas aren’t supposed to be in a sequence. If there is another runway, it would be used for props only.

yeah, I was the ground controller… I accidentally pressed that, sorry.

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its KSAN, one runway.

I worded that badly. It wasn’t in line. I was arriving number 4 in a sequence of jets, and this Cessna taxied and took off from the opposite end of the runway, all without clearance, and then made a 45°+ bank to the north right after rotation. Obvious troll.

That 737-800 troll is so annoying!

I’m finished! One hour of controlling.

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Cessnas can be in a sequence. That’s the whole point of sequencing. A good controller would know how to mix his jets and GA props in the pattern. ;)


While it is more challenging to have a mix, a good tower controller can fit them both in using speed commands, call base, and extend upwind/downwind. All IFATC must be able to do this.

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