(Closed) Tower and Ground @ EDDL TS1

I am practicing for my practial so if you could come out and fly that would be great. PM me or leave feedback below. Thanks for your help.

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On my way !

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How long will you be controlling? If it is long enough then I might come after my 30 min flight in Hawaii region on TS1(Im still flying)

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I’ll be on for over 30mins for sure, have a nice flight and thanks.

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Okay then I’ll try to make it. (Update-still flying in Hawaii on TS1 with 90+ minutes in the air behind me, should be able to around 30 minutes give or take) Once I land at PHKO I will probaly come.

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On my way, will be flying from EDDL to KLAX as American 657 Heavy in a 787-900.

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I will come along for a bit

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im there i will takeoff have a mechanical problem then emergency land

I’m coming as a spitfire.

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Nevermind, coming in an F-16C

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Ima do something else since you aren’t clearing me.

Not sure what you mean…

clear me to land please emegency

i want to land not t&g

Option = land or t&g

option is t&g

Not it isn’t

No, clearance for the option means that the pilot can perform either a landing OR a touch and go, hence the word option.


okay then alds


  • You gave me a pattern entry when i was in the pattern

  • You told me to enter right base runway 23L just after takeoff from 23R ( two things wrong there)

  • I was dangerously close behind to a landing aircraft. Go around command would off been better.

  • No need to tell me to exit the runway and hold short if you are going to tell me to cross a few seconds later.(I expect this was just a wrong button)

  • I think you need to use the speed commands more

Otherwise great ATC service. If you would like me to go into further detail then please feel free to message me.