[Closed] Tower and Ground at WIBD (TS1)

Come out and do some pattern work or just fly in or out. I am working on becoming and IFATC so any constructive criticism will be appreciated


Hmmm maybe i should have said that i am online now :D

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Just loading in now

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I am opening tower and ground at WIBD at 1200z

I will be joining

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If your looking for some IFATC feedback, I should be available to come along :)

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Hi @techno.02life

May I just say that you did an amazing job of controlling on that session. I’m sure other IFATC who came have to agree that you did a great job.

There were some minor issues but you nailed the basics on that operation.

Now: Keep your transitions above 4000ft-5000ft off the surface, also remember to give backtaxi Clearence after the pilot requests takeoff.

You may want to learn some other pattern instruction commands like extend upwind and that to help space departing aircraft before sequencing. As not all aircraft are on the downwind 😉

Lastly please learn the go around command! Pilots are suppose to issue it but the controller can as well. If you don’t like the situation go around the aircraft :)


Hi @Skylines thank you for coming out and helping me become a better ATC. The constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. BTW thanks @Boodz_G


I was the pilot who forgot to go around because I didn’t spot the airplane on the ground since I really focus on landing until I saw the plane suddenly appear in front of me. Also, you should use the I will call your base commend to help gain time for plane on the ground enough to backtaxi and airborne.

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Oh ok, thanks man I had fun and thanks for the feedback

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