[Closed] Tour of Seattle - Hopper Airways @ KSEA - 150000ZMAR16

The topic name is self explanatory. I will fly the dash-8 around the Seattle area and all of the “tourists” will follow me in dash-8s or c208s.
Notam: generic only. A flight plan will be posted in the day of the event.
If you want to join Hopper airways, go here:


The event will be tomorrow at 8:00 est.

Where do you start?

Is it 8am/pm?

PM. We will start at sea tax in the S parking spots.

Please provide more details about your events next time.

Wonder how this slipped my eyes…

Yeah. I forget sometimes.

On which server?

Which server will this event be on?

In Playground. I can’t believe I forgot all this.

Which gates should I be at?

In the S parking spots.

I’m coming

Fifteen minutes till the event.

any flight plan?


Which Server?

I’m in. How long till we leave?

Playground. Just follow me.

Ok I will do that.

Start pushback.