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why do topics get closed so fast lol


Either duplicate topics or they don’t make sense the discussions might cause arguments


ah okay gotchu. thanks

Exhibit A:


The most common are:

  • Duplicate topic, always search before posting
  • Not Infinite Flight related. This is after all an Infinite Flight forum.
  • Lack of information in the post. For example, a poorly worded title and a picture or link with no additional details.
  • Super simple questions that can be answered by google. “What airport is xxxx”.
  • Too many flags in the thread. If it is a heated discussion where majority of the posts goes against with the views and rules of the forum it may be closed.
  • Posting an event in #general when the user does not have the proper trust level.
  • A thread that has reached the point where it is now going in circles. Threads will be auto closed after a period of inactivity but if people come in every few days and reply with the same information that has been said a dozen times the thread might need to be closed.

If you ever wonder why a topic was closed please feel free to contact the moderator who closed it. We will be happy to explain why. In some cases it was a misunderstanding and we can reopen the thread.


Thank you!

To add on, people that make topics about ATC reports, as those are supposed to be via PM.

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We don’t usually close those. We will convert those to a PM instead so theres no need to restate everything.


I think this should be closed now 😆


I think they usually get closed fast because once a question has been answered, there is no reason for it to be open anymore.

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Not necessarily. In many of our forum FAQ thread we state there is no need to flag a thread because it is has been answered. Many will flag stating it was answered but the OP has yet to reply. Plus there may be additional questions. They will close on their own or we will close it if the discussion is going in circles.


My topic was closed by @MishaCamp without those reasons.

I suggested something as #features He just said something like “it wont become as a real, cheers” and closed the topic.

If he doesn’t agree, he could have written and he wrote but there was no necessity to close the topic directly.

I thought about an idea. People and i could have advance new ideas over that.

And i guess he is not boss. So he can’t decide on features individually.

That’s why Chris clearly mentioned that you can always message the mod/staff who closed the topic and discuss the issue further. But I am sure Misha’s answer was very clear…


Hi. Your topic was closed with plenty of reason. In case you need a little memory jog, my exact works were:

“Hello! This won’t happen now or anytime soon. Cheers!”

This was reason enough. If you have queries you can always PM!


“This won’t happen now or anytime” is not an argument, not a reason.

“Cheers” is not a reason.

If i say “mishacamp shouldn’t be in the IF forum crew”, it cannot be a reason. Meaning of “reason” is another thing. You can google it. People should write their arguments…


No deal. I’ll PM you in a moment to explain how the forum works instead of having it explained to me 🙂


No problem, i just wanted to offer a feature, then i and people would develop that idea. But you ignored that. I don’t think that my idea was great, was amazing, was superb. But feature title is for sharing ideas, suggestions. So how can people dare to share their ideas. I didn’t force you to apply my ideas.

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