[Closed] Top Gun Tribute @ KNKX - 241630ZAPR16

I know it’s a but late, but April 10th was the 30th anniversary of TOP GUN! What better way to bring out your inner Maverick (or Ice Man…) then to fly out of “Fightertown USA” (Miramar MCAS) and into the danger zone!

This is my first event! If you are an Advanced ATC I would really appreciate your help if you could control the area!

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Aircraft: F-14 (preferred), F-16, F18, F-22, Spitfire

Airport: Miramar MCAS KNKX

Date: Sunday, April 24th

Time: 1630Z

NOTAM: To celebrate Top Gun’s 30th anniversary (April 10th, 1986) we will be flying our fighters in the SoCal region. You have the option to fly to any destination or to remain in the pattern!

Touch and goes will be done on runway 06R/24L where fighters can preform their carrier landings on the special carrier marks!



Omg I am definitely coming. F-14.

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This is such a throwback Thursday. I hope they’re serious about Top Gun 2

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Me too! It was a legendary movie!


No doubt. .

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Bet get practising my F14 landings and take offs!

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i will try to make this one

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The event is now open :) Hope to see you guys there!

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