[Closed] Tommarow! The Great San Antonio Fly out! @KSAT 271200ZJUL19


Server: Expert

Airport: KSAT

Time: 2019-07-27T12:00:00Z2019-07-27T13:00:00Z

For my First Event that i’m hosting I Choose San Antonio because it is a beautiful city (I’ve been there) and the people at nice and friendly. San Antonio is underrated in my opinion is a nice place to go vacationing. I recommend you read this article about San Antonio! San Antonio, Texas
If you have a realistic flight from San Antonio and it is not on the flight list tell me and I will see if I will change it!

For Information about the San Antonio Airport Click Here!


Rules For The Event

-Please Follow Respect the Unicom announcements

-Please Be Realistic (I mean like No taxing on grass or going inside each other)

-If there Just so happens to be ATC follow ATC instructions

-I hope y’all come join!



Terminal A

A2 Delta Airlines A321 KATL @Dwill827

A3 Delta Airlines CRJ9 KDTW

A4 Delta Airlines CRJ9 KMSP

A5 Frontier A320 KDEN

A6 Alaska Airlines B739 KSEA @Matthew_Park

A7 Aeromexico B737 MMMX

A8 Volaris A320 MMMX

A9 Southwest B737 KSTL @United2

A10 Southwest B737 MMUN @Airwolf

A11 Southwest B737 KDAL @MatoySR5

A12 Southwest B737 KHOU @Pete1

A13 Southwest B738 KBWI

A14 Southwest B738 KMCO

A15 American Airlines A319 KMIA @alfnat

A17 American Airlines B738 KPHX

Terminal B

B1 United Airlines B739 KORD @Captain_T_Malone

B2 American Airlines CRJ-700 KLAX @Captain_Sid

B3 United Airlines CRJ-700 KLAX

B4 American Airlines A321 KDFW

B5 United Airlines CRJ-700 KEWR

B7 United Airlines CRJ-700 KDEN

B8 United Airline B737 KIAH @UnitedGuy19



Gate 1 KAFW MD-11 @Bren_McDonell

Gate 2 Destination Any

Gate 3 Destination Any


Gate 1

Gate 2 Destination Any

Gate 3 Destination Any


Gate 1 Destination Any

Gate 2 Destination Any

Gate 3 Destination Any

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I’d love to join since I’m from Corpus and I go up SA way too often, but your event will start at 3am for me as I’m currently in Australia, so probs not gonna make it. I’ll join and hitch a flight to YBBN in the UPS A330-223F if you can shift the event to the 27th and change the starting time to 1100Z.


I can change the date to the 27th but the best time I can try and change it for you is 1200Z is that ok?


Yes that’s ok.


Alright I will add you in

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Gate A13 pls!!!

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Alright I shall add you in Thanls for Joining👍🏿

Sure! Can’t wait. Also @Chris_S you should check this out😉

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Any gate to KMCO

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I’ll see if I can make another one

Ok thank you if you don’t mind could it be gate A14

Does Frontier to MCO work for you?

Yes it does but I prefer Southwest

Alright I can give you a southwest

Can it be gate A14 please 😄if not that’s ok

Sure no problem

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👍🏽Ok thank you

Alright your in no problem hope to see you there👍🏿

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I appreciate it thank you

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There are 27 Gates left