[CLOSED] To the Bahamas in the Biz @ KORF - 171430ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Haha that’s a good one

Airport: KORF

Time: 01430Z

NOTAM: We will be flying out to MYNN! Airplane used will be the Cessna Citation X, your choice of livery. Flight plan will be released as the date nears. Flight time will be around two hours. If you would like a gate please reply with your gate of choice


GA Main Apron 1: @xxFuryxx
GA Main Apron 2: @BAH242
GA Main Apron 3: @GolferRyan
GA Main Apron 4: @Trio
GA Main Apron 5: @Spencer_Clark1
GA Main Apron 6: @JT_Playz
GA Main Apron 7:
GA Main Apron 8:
GA Main Apron 9:
GA Main Apron 10:
GA Main Apron 11:


KORF Ground: @SlimeFlyer
KORF Tower: @SlimeFlyer
MYNN Ground: @Cbro4
MYNN Tower: @Cbro4


My hometown how exciting. Would love to join this flight. When is it, im not sure about zulu timing

If your hometown is Norfolk, this is a 9:30 am flight

No im in Nassau so i’m thinking its the same time?

First of all, lucky, and yes same time

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Perfect sign me up. Always love when the islands get some love

Will do. Which gate would you like?

Fell free to assign me to anything available

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Hello, can I be ground and tower ATC at KORF?thanks

Love the event, but I can’t make it sadly due to school
Have Fun ;)

I’ll sign you up (20)

Nice simple event! I’ll drop by. :)

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Apron 3 is yours! Also, this flight departs at 7:30 in the morning for you. Will ya be able to make that?

I’ll take ATC at MYNN. @Trio loves the C750, so he might join. Confirm that you will arrive around 11:30am EST?

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I should be. I get up pretty early.

Yes around then, maybe a little earlier

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I think I might install a batman type signal that lights up the sky every time someone uses C750 or Citation X in a sentence on the IFC, or a google alert. Either one. Sure I’ll join. :)


Ok. I’ll be on by 11:30 latest.

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I would love to join as well! Apron 2 please? Thanks

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Hey there! Apron 2 is already taken, sorry 🙁. Would you like Apron 5?