[CLOSED] TNCM tower ts1

everyone use proper pilots etiquette and be extra nice on the ground, Pattern work accepted, stay open for an hour unless empty. Constructive feedback accepted & appreciated.


My mistake, accidentally taxied on the taxiway mentioned on this topic:


OK thanks, got a little confused there, thought you might want to back taxi 28

😒😡 Please don’t do it again. Frustrates me so much!!!


That’s what I was going to request with a “Holding short” command, but you can’t send that message on tower frequencies. I departed the airspace because my device was lagging. I’ll be coming back to remain in the pattern.

On my way.

Aircraft: Cessna C208
Callsign: ExecJet 6 7 8

Spot me!! IFC Balloonchaser. ;)


I’ll try not to. I was going to get a back taxi but the commands for tower controlling won’t let you. I’ll be more careful next time. :)

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Ok sounds cool, take your time.

See you! thanks for coming!

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Do you want back taxi rny 28?

Restarted my phone to free up some memory and was greeted in Infinite Flight with a google error code. Looks like I won’t be coming back for the night. :/ Damn OAuth errors!

Sorry to hear that, hopefully the iOS update is pushed soon.

Ill swing through and run some patterns in a minute

No sir, at TNCM when its not that busy (or extremely busy) airlines like Winair, St. Barths Commuter, and Windward Air will take off from the middle of the runway (To save taxi time or to get a slower aircraft out during a busy time)

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Good to know! thank you.

Im going to fix some stuff now with pictures explaining later for feedback…

A. You cleared me #1 for touch and go but theres a aircrafy on final. So I should have been told “#2 cleared for the option; traffic to follow is on final” (or how ever it lets you say this…)

B. Im doing touch and goes and I was cleared for the option. You keep telling me to exit the runway… When im done and ready for actual landing I will announce “Full Stop”

So work on sequencing and Touch and Go / In the pattern aircraft for now.

You doing good though. I wil stick around for a little while longer! :)

One more thing… Anything bigger then a CCX or a C208 should make right traffic over the mountain.

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Here’s my feedback:

Close up shop. Watch the tutorials. Twice.

You cleared a plane no where near anywhere number one…while you had two planes on final also cleared number one.

You had people line up and wait before the plane on front of them was even across the hold short line, much less having started a takeoff roll.

You cleared people for takeoff before the landing planes had cleared the runway.

You have no clue when it comes to sequencing. I have pictures, but honestly, they would just be too rediculous to post.

Most prescient to me:

You had sequenced me number 2.

When some knucklehead comes in at 10000 feet and 400 knots and passes me on final, he doesn’t become number 2. He goes the hell around.

(BTW, if you are that knucklehead and you happen to read this…I pray you never manage grade 3.)


Im going to come in for a full stop then im going to open up at TAPA to relieve you guys at TNCM and TKPK

Ok thank you, I will be sure to do alll of that.