[CLOSED] TNCM Tower Closed On TS1 - ATC Tracking Thread


Come fly at ST MAARTEN and try to base my performance off my ability to preform sequencing.

Also I need proffesional and knowledge flyers to help me sequence you in!

Sorry to break it to ya… But There is no Ground Frequency at TNCM!


Sorry forgot to change to Tower

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Always always must give Pattern entry instructions BEFORE you clear to land. // corp211

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I am entering RIGHT downwind NOT Left downwind.

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Yep I know, Im still looking at the ATC forums and trying to figure out how Tyler I believe was able to sequence you in. Pardon me if I am a little slow

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In that case watch all the tutorials and really get it nailed, you will get there soon enough and it will all be worth it. Good luck :)

I suggest that you watch all of the Youtube Tutorials about this as they are very helpful to a new controller.

IFATC YouTube Tutorial Series:

There are 20 videos in total.)

Also See: https://community.infiniteflight.com/c/tutorials/atc/29

Hope this helps

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I will be remaining active for 20 minutes in TNCM Tower. Come get a approach sequence for me to try to carry out or depart to a neighboring island

My feedback;

  1. When Grade 1 pilot request take-off clearance and he is stil on gate, don’t give him line up and waith, you can tell him request take off clearance when 1st in line
  2. I request take off - remaining in the pattern, that mean I will do touche and goes, you don’t need to ask me my intentions.
  3. You already gave me pattern instructions with take off clearance (make right traffic), you don’t need to give me every time.
  4. If I am the first one to land/option, then you don’t need to sequence me, just cleare me with No1.
  5. You don’t need to give me pattern instruction on every leg, you don’t need to give me pattern instruction at all when I am doing t&g. Only if I change rnw.
  6. You cleared me for landing, and I was doing t&g

Make it simple:

  1. Croatia 1 cleared for take off, make right traffic
  2. Croatia 1, No 2 traffic to follow is on right base (only if I am not No1)
  3. Croatia 1, No2, cleared for option

Hope this halp

Damir Baricevic
Croatia 1

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