[CLOSED] TNCM Tower and Approach

In need of some xp grinding and want ATC? Come along to Training Server one at TNCM

I am doing approach for TNCM
IF_Freedom (Suspended) will do tower

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I will come! Not sure but I might do some patterns.

I am coming as an A319 Callsign Silkair 655

Changed controlling to TNCM.

•While I requested an ILS approach I received “maintain current altitude until established on the localizer” without any vectors. You need vectors first and then when I am about to intercept the localizer you send that message


Nothing to point out

•You said “I’ll call your base” first you needed to sequence me then say that, also pilots are aware of spacing and planes around them. When saying " I’ll call your base" you need to say “turn base” for me to take the turn but you completely forgot me and I went out of the region and ditched into the ocean

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Yeah I saw you flying out of the region and wondered what you were doing. I remembered I forgot to tell you to Turn Base. I don’t know whether to use extend downwind instead so people can turn into base when ready. Thanks for feedback.

@Octoberr your approach feedback is here

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