[CLOSED]TNCM ATC Training Server 1

Ey I am gonna do ATC Tower at TNCM on training server 1 come join me:)

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Ok, on my way now, I’ll be carribean 97 super.

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I’ll come too.

I’m here. Having issues. All your sequencings are coming out as Sequencing… 😕

I think thats a new server feature

I’m thinking the same

Thanks. I will pm you some feedback.

How was the atc service guys? If you guys liked it I can do more

I couldn’t get the full experience, because of a server mistake, but I do have some suggestions.

  • If I’m cleared to land number four, and two people in front of me land, you don’t need to re-clear me as number two. The only case for re-clearing is if someone is going to go in front of me. Then you would say cancel landing clearance, number 5, traffic to follow is on ________.
  • Know your terrain. I was first told to make left downwind, but if I didn’t have a high enough vertical speed, I could have come in contact with the mountain (Of course, a pilot wouldn’t let that happen to their best abilities)
    -Don’t abuse immediate takeoff
    -Usually, you would wait for a pilot to request takeoff before clearing them. If it’s urgent, ask their intentions, and get as much stuff done until they respond do you can clear them
    If you need more hep, feel free to message me :)

I was on my way from TKPK but then you quit when I started.

There is stupid atc tower at ksan!

Just now I was landing at ksan 27 and tower approved, den I’m just landing den suddenly there is a plane take off n crashing into me! No fun at all!

If it’s on training sever its normal. People troll because no one reports them.

I’m pursue my level to grade 3 so I can play in expert server.

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You have a report button when you’re a pilot.

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