I am at TNCM tower. And my friend is on TFFR T&G. Everyone is welcome to come and do patterns or fly between airports. Feedback accepted and appreciated.
The guy at TFFR is @SirBinary

We are going to close up shop around 2 so IFTSATC can take over

Thank you for everyone that came! any feedback is appreciated and accepted.

@Kevin_Potthast I have to say, you handled yourself pretty well!

A couple of things you could touch up on.

  1. I should have been sequenced right away, or been cleared, you waited until base to clear me, and there was no other traffic.

  2. I shouldn’t have been cleared for takeoff that early, there was still a plane on takeoff roll when I was cleared, use line up and wait, or simply stand by will do.

  3. I wasn’t this plane, but Air India xxx was overhead and requested touch and goes. You should have used a pattern entry, for example, "Air India xx enter right base runway 10. Number 2, traffic to follow is on final.

  4. Finally, you didn’t have to say I’ll call your base, as another IFTSATC controller said to me “trust your pilots”. The Air India will know to keep a safe distance. Also keep characteristics in mind, I’m doing short pattern, I will take a shorter time than a big plane.

Hope this helps.

Also I’m open at TKPK right now if you want to do some pattern work!

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Ok cool. Will come by :).

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