[CLOSED] TMT EDDK Tower/Ground

Hello there.
No one seems to respond to my old post so I’m starting a new one. I’m controlling my favourite Airport, Cologne-Bonn in the Amsterdam region. Fly by, maybe do a Touch and go or two. Any constructive comments are appreciated below. :-)
Keep in mind I’m only controlling for the fun of it so if you see a thread where someone is practicing for IFATC, give it priority.

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I’ll come. Maybe do some patterns.

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Closed for now, I’ll be back later today.

I’ll be back around 1400z. Hope to see you then.

I’m open now at Cologne-Bonn

Nice job, sorry I was grade 1, I might of fallen asleep on a takeoff and gotten 6 speed violations.

I was N-37LW

nice somone with grade1 who knows what im saying

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well thats it for now. Good day

lol I’m actually supposed to be grade 4

Did you pick up violations or were ghosted?

As I said, I fell asleep on a takeoff roll, so I never brought my throttle down and got violations

Leson: never fly online when you feel like sleeping 😂😂😂


lease note that patterns at this airport are more fun with GA :-)

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