(CLOSED) @TK_ARMY ATC Tracking Thread TS1

Come down to NZAA (Training Sever) Enjoy New Zealand
.Server: TS1 Global
Time:5:18 PM
Open For: Approx. 45 minutes (Depending on traffic)
Airport: NZAA [Auckland Intl.]
Services: Tower, Ground.


Please turn this into an atc tracking thread. I have moved the topic to the atc category. I will also link a tracking thread below in one second as an example of what to do.

Edit: Misread this.

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Ok Sorry Bro Forgot-----

Hey is this algood if not it does not have to go up

Hello @TK_ARMY,

I don’t think you are still open at NZAA for that long! Not even a real ATC works for that long. So I would put your title to β€˜Closed.’

Thanks for your corporation,


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