[Closed] Tiny Airports Vol. 3: Reno-Tahoe Flyout @ KRNO - 091930ZFEB19


A little over 24 hours until departure!


Sorry not able to make it. Something came up just now. Sorry mate.

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All good!

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Can i take gate B07 to KSFO please!


B07 is actually taken by someone in standby (I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to edit). B01 is open tho. Is that alright?

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Sorry. I can’t return to Expert server until tommorow :( Have fun!

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Spawning in now, still not too late to join!


Check in C11 United KSFO United 534 over


Would you like that gate? I’ll add you to the PM if so.

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Hi, can I join last minute? Callsign Jetblue 401, Mike Lima


Go for it. I see you here now :)

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Parking at KFSO

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Hey everyone! Thanks so much for attending this event. If you enjoyed this event, you should definitely try more Tiny Airports Events! Where will the next one be? You can decide! Vote for your favorite of these below:

  • KXNA - Northwest Arkansas
  • KELP - El Paso
  • KAMA - Amarillo

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Once again, thanks for attending and I’ll see you guys next time!


Alright folks! El Paso Texas has won the poll! Thanks for contributing!


Sweet! Now I can fly to San Jose when this flyout occurs! :D

if i can come XD

Thanks for this event though! :D

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