[Closed] Tiny Airports Vol. 3: Reno-Tahoe Flyout @ KRNO - 091930ZFEB19


Wait I will do Alaska to SJC with the A320. They use TC


Alaska only uses the E75 and Dash 8 at KRNO, and since neither of them exist in the sim, we can’t fly them. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Oh wait. I will take a remote stand at the B con. for a SWA 737-8 to SJC


I think that will work. I’ll put you down for remote stand 01 👍🏻

What Callsign will you be using?


Southwest 848


Alright, you’re all set! Thanks for coming!


Just one week away, still plenty of gates available!


Less than one week away!


C09 SWA349 to KSJC


Sorry, but Southwest only flies out of concourse B, which is full. Would you like a standby gate or a remote stand?


I’ll take a standby gate, thanks!


Alright! You’ll be assigned a B gate if one becomes available. If none become available you can always select a remote stand. Thanks for coming:)


Ok, thanks


Hey can I get a call sign change to SWA007 and a destination change to KLAS? Thanks!


Yes sir, let me get that done for you!


C8 Please United to LAX :)


Yes sir! And what Callsign will you be using?


Skywest5792 :)


Roger that, let me add you to the list. See you there!


The event is in two days everyone!