[Closed] Tiny Airports Vol. 3: Reno-Tahoe Flyout @ KRNO - 091930ZFEB19


AAV243 KRNO to KDFW American 738 ty


Hehe, I see 3 people going to KSJC :D


@Jeffrey_Varga @Sebastian9915 both of you’re gates have been reserved!

@TheDeltaFlyerr I put you down for standby.


I’ll take gate C07, American 546 to PHX. A320


Gate C07 is yours!


Sorry, but Alaskan only flies their E70s to KSJC, and since we don’t have that in the sun, you can’t do that route :(

Would you like to choose another?


I guess I will just change to UPS, KENO-KMHR.
UPS 2003


Alright, what Callsign?


Alright got you down for gate C02! Sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s alright, thank you.


Just 3 more weeks until the event! Join up now!


Still not too late to sign up for this scenic event!


Tailwinds is proud to sponsor this event! Make sure you check out this cool event and maybe join Tailwinds!


In that case could I change my callsign to TFC-005?




Two weeks away everyone! Sign up today!


There’s still time to grab a gate everyone!


Could I please get C08 for SWA to SJC.
Is that possible?


Unfortunately, Southwest doesn’t fly from Terminal C :( I can put you on standby for another gate if you want.


No then I wont join. Sorry