[Closed] Tiny Airports Vol. 3: Reno-Tahoe Flyout @ KRNO - 091930ZFEB19


The flight to KSFO right?

Jk, ill put you down for KSJC 😂


Nononononono! Not that dang airport! >:( XD


It will be SWA____. I use real life callsigns and unfortunately I do not know the callsign for the February 9 flights


Can I take a Southwest 737-800 to KSAN? Callsign SWA007


@BigBert10 @Joseph007 you both have gates

@Plane-Train-TV Updated your flight stats


I’ll take gate C01 in a United 737-8, callsign United 5267 to SFO for that certain someone 😂


Added you to the list. Thanks for coming!


SWA 738 to KLAX? Callsign C-ETHM. Thanks!


Done! See you there!


Can I get American CRJ9 to KPHX C03?


Can I get a Southwest 737 to KOAK at Gate B08 please? Callsign: SWA76


Sign me up! Gate C3, KDEN, United 739, Callsign: UVA-045


Sign me up! Jet Blue A320 KJFK EverettM


Any SWA gate to Denver. Callsign is SWA212. See you there!


I will take a gate to SJC with the WN 738! Callsign SWA32


@Kate_Russell @ClarenceTheAvgeek @harmyd @Luke_Sta @GlobalFlyer1 you all have a gate now! Thanks for coming!

@EverettM I got you a gate but I still need a Callsign. Thanks!


jetBlue 93


Got it! See you there!


Hey, I see that Concourse B is all full, is there anyway I could get on standby for any Southwest gate? Thanks


United 587, KRNO>KDEN, B739 please :D