[Closed] Tiny Airports Vol. 3: Reno-Tahoe Flyout @ KRNO - 091930ZFEB19

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Flight Info

Server: Expert

Time: 2019-02-09T19:30:00Z

Airport: KRNO

Aircraft: See Below

NOTAM: The next installment of the Tiny Airports Series! For this event, we travel to the beautiful Reno-Tahoe airport in Nevada. There’s a large selection of airlines and destinations from here, and the scenery is amazing! Read All about it, and if you’d like to join, don’t hesitate to sign up!

About Reno Tahoe Int’l [KRNO]

Airlines And Destinations

Airline Aircraft Destination Airline Aircraft Destination
United CRJ2 KLAX Southwest B738 KSJC
United CRJ2 KSFO Southwest B738 KSAN
United CRJ2 KDEN American A320 KPHX
United B739 KDEN American B738 KDFW
United B738 KSFO American CRJ7 KLAX
Southwest B737 KSJC American CRJ9 KPHX
Souithwest B737 KDEN Delta B738 KSLC
Southwest B737 KLAS Delta CRJ7 KSLC
Southwest B737 KSAN Jet Blue A320 KLGB
Southwest B737 KLAX Jet Blue A320 KJFK
Southwest B737 KOAK UPS A33F KMHR
Southwest B738 KLAX FedEx B77F KMEM
Frontier A320 KDEN

GA Spots are available upon request.


Main Terminal, Concourse B
Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest

Gate Attendant Aircraft Destination Callsign
B01 @GlobalFlyer1 B738 KSJC SWA32
B02 @EthanT2 B738 KLAX C-ETHM
B03 @Declan_O B737 KSAN SWA075
B04 @TenMileJones B738 KSLC Delta 1155
B05 @Plane-Train-TV B737 KLAS SWA [TBD]
B06 @BigBert10 B738 KSJC SWA100
B08 @ClarenceTheAvgeek B737 KOAK SWA76
B09 @JeromeJ B738 KSJC Southwest 4462
B10 @Luke_Sta B737 KDEN SWA212
B11 @EverettM A320 KJFK JetBlue 93
Stand 01 @Pilot_M B738 KSJC Southwest 848

Main Terminal, Concourse C
American, United

Gate Attendant Aircraft Destination Callsign
C0 @esant_15 B738 KSFO United 5261
C02 @DiamondGaming4 CRJ9 KPHX TFC-004
C03 @Kate_Russell CRJ9 KPHX TFC-007
C04 @harmyd B739 KDEN UVA-045
C05 @Sebastian9915 B738 KDFW AAV243
C06 @Jeffrey_Varga B739 KDEN United 587
C07 @Jose_gil A320 KPHX American 546
C08 @Kevinsoto1502 CRJ2 KLAX Skywest5792

UPS, FedEx

Gate Attendant Aircraft Destination Callsign
01 @Captain_JR B77F KMEM FedEx 1290 Heavy
02 @PilotDog A33F KMHR UPS 2003


Attendant Gate
✓ 1. @TheDeltaFlyerr B07
2. @FrankieFremont

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Could I grab gate B03 please? Southwest B737 to KSAN. Callsign will be SWA075 as I’m representing Southwest Virtual.

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Yes sir! Welcome aboard!

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Can I have gate B5 but I haven’t decided my destination yet? I will representing Southwest Virtual

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Sure thing! Ill reserve it for you.

Can I have gate B9 to KSJC callsign Southwest 4462

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Which aircraft?

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I’d like a gate in the Delta 738 to KSLC please! Delta 1155

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737-800 aircraft

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Put you down for B04. See you there!

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You’re all set. See you there!

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Callsign 4462 please 🙂

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My bad, just fixed it.

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I’ll take this FedEx flight, thank you and also pick whichever Gate you want for me :)

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Got it! All i need is a Callsign. Any preferences?

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@DiamondGaming4, Yeah, I’ll be taking “FedEx 1290 Heavy” :)

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Done! Thanks for Joining!

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I will be flying to Orange County (SNA) vía Las Vegas (LAS) on a B737

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What will your Callsign be?

I will take a Southwest gate to…you know… :)

I will be representing Southwest Virtual with the callsign SWA100 (my SWV callsign)
I’ll be in the B738

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