(closed)The Virtual Airline Denver Summer Summit @ KDEN - 042000ZJUN17

@K3v1nxu Many, many people have asked this if you look only a few messages above you, use some common sense and check the thread before asking duplicate questions ;)

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Here is your cookie 🍪 for being an awesome backup host.


Sounds great to me, please add me for United!

Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight. Please double check your assigned gate.

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I am Grade 2 right now. Do you know the quickest way to get to Grade 3 and above?

Keep doing T&G while remaining in the Pattern :)

Check out the replies on these topics:

Hey sorry I might not be able to get there until 4:45 Cst. I hope the event will still be bustling with people!

No worries I’m sure it will be.
Anyways, between now and the event start is right about when people start trickling in saying they suddenly can’t make it. So I don’t mind ;).

Take this to a PM guys.

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Hello can you please add me for British airways?

Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight. Please double check your gate assignment.

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@kylejtam will not be able to make it. So, there is one spot for DLVA open.

How do I know what’s my assigned gate? :)

Click the arrow in the origional post (OP), under the ariline you signed up for:[quote=“SkyHighGuys, post:1, topic:119793”]
B44: Pierrr

There is your assignment ;)


Three down 47 more to go.

Just click on the little arrow in the top next to your VA.


The recruitment for this event has officially closed. If any of your pilots want to join last minute it is up to you guys to add them into gates mentally. All currently open gates are up for Grabs by community pilots if you guys feel like attending. Thanks for the dedication people showed while signing up! I’ll see you in 26 hours!


1 Hours…41 Minutes



@SkyHighGuys please include me in attendance on behalf of British Airways VA. I will take the last available gate please.

welcome aboard good sir and enjoy your last gate. (I know recruitment is technically closed but I’m willing to let this one exception)

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I apologise for the late signup. Thank you for allowing me to do so. (Personal life has been busy so I didn’t know if I would be able to attend til now.)

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