(closed)The Virtual Airline Denver Summer Summit @ KDEN - 042000ZJUN17

Server: Expert Server

Region: Denver International Airport

Airport: KDEN

Time: 2000Z


Hello guys! I am very proud to be introducing Frontier Virtual’s third hosted VA wide event in which virtual airlines representing their real world counterparts (who fly into KDEN) are invited and welcome to join in a massive event which spans numbers of over 40 pilots at one time. We have successfully had upwards of 6-8 virtual airlines in attendance on both previous occasions. If you are interested but this thread doesn’t answer a specific question, please comment below.


  1. Each airline will be parking in its real-world-counterpart’s gates. Below are the different VAs who have signed up to take part and their open gates.

  2. If you would like to sign up but you are not affiliated with any of the virtual airlines INC attendance, comment below on the VA you’d like to be a part of and you will receive a gate.

  3. Once you have spawned in with your group, and everyone else is in, and FVA gives the signal on this thread, you will be allowed to begin pushback and departure processes. Please always maintain a professional behavior during this event as there will be upwards of 40 pilots all wanting to leave at the same time. This creates mass havoc if not handled correctly.

  4. Once you ave begun departure, you are no longer subject to the rules of this event which means your CEO or event leader will be deciding what destinations you will be visiting in the Denver Region.

  5. If your airline is a very small/regional carrier you have the right to ask for a smaller airport to land at.

  6. Right now I have departures hitting to takeoff on 17R, 17L, 16R, 16L, and 08. In the event those departures do not work, follow the procedures listed below.

Runway Change: Follow your taxi instructions given out of you on your Chart. Add your own instructions to your pilots in order to keep the calm and not chaotic scene that could happen. If you were set to takeoff 17L but it changes to the 25s being open, you will taxi to 17L and parcel it all the way down to 25R.

IFATC give you a different runway: obey IFATC over this always.

You get split up from your group: do not try to taxi halfway around the world trying to get back wi them. If you make a wrong turn, continue taxiing and request a new taxi instructions to the closest runway. As soon as you are airborne wait or try and catch up with your VA.
I will be updating this as time goes on.

Frontier Virtual Airlines Gates !NO MORE GATES!


A34: Tecnam2ta
A36: Drew33950
A38: Mike
A40: Infinite.Flight
A42: Hamza-Adan
A44: sk28
A48: @John370
A50: WrenJago
A60: Hayden-Mundel
A62: Chris-Ridgell
Frontier Maintaince Hanger (Rjr0122)

British Airways Virtual Airlines Gates

A33: LouDon
A35: **Thomas_Ralph_
A37: justifyletters

B29: Aaron-Perkel
B27: Captain-Ankit
B25: Mrpidgeon
B23: CS-Aus-TB20GT
B21: Insertusernamehere
B19: abc-deaf
B17: Darth-Sidious
B15: Captain-Darragh1
B16: J9J9T
B18: John-Bob
B20: Kevin-Potthast
B22: Lucas-Dominguez
B24_: Nab2914
B26: av8rTJH
B28: PilotA
B80: Milen-Jacob
B81: Donny-Ng
B82: jussifran-chaves
B83: BenTyson
B84: CaptainJC
B85: Nichalas-Petranek

Delta Virtual Airlines Gates !NO MORE GATES!


A28: twocflyer
A26: Brandon-Krueter
A27: Cpt-Chris
A29: Kyle.r24
A31: Reedgreat
A32: @Gavin_Hertel
A53: garrison2502
A49: Jose-Oscana

Pilots on Concourse B:
B79: kylejtam
B77: CannedAviation

Southwest Virtual Airlines Gates

C26: Juanca
C28: CaptCurt
C30: @CaptJackson
C32: Captain-Rojas

Lufthansa Virtual Airline Gates

A41: CasaAviation
A43: @Lolo31R

NetJets Virtual Airline Gates

Hold J01: @NetJets_Nick
Hold J02: DeerCrusher
Hold J03: Hari-Sims
Hold J04: Andre-Solgren-Nilsen
Hold J05: KSJCRampAgent
Hold J06: Puncakes
Parking FedEx 01: MaksimFerguson
Parking FedEx 02: DeltaCRJ-900
GA E01: Pilotmaster2129
GA S01: GulfstreamPilot

Alaska Air Group Virtual

C48: Ksisky
C49: @Dashsolpher1

United Virtual Airlines Gates

B30: @Marshall_Hilfman
B32: Mix56awesome
B34: Tyler-Tucker
B36: Blizzard
B38: K3v1nxu
B42: Arkin-Solomon
B44: Pierrr
B46: Zachery

Air Canada Virtual Airlines

B45: Reese
B47: JacobVanZanten
B51: Abhishek-Bhattachary
B53: Christian-Richardson
B55: Flying-Fortress
B57: Gabriel

Spirit Virtual Airlines !NO MORE GATES!

Spirit VA Gates Are Maxed Out

A52: Samifc


The following virtual airlines are at either max capacity or are almost full. If you want to fly under the tail and name of these VAs mentioned below you must sign up quickly as their gates are being taken rapidly. Any questions drop them below. Thank you all.

British Airways Virtual Airlines: Reaching capacity. 5 remaining open gates (we can negotiate and give overflow to the cargo gates if the Cargo VA does not show)

Delta Virtual Airlines: This airline has reached full capacity and as such no more DVA pilots or interested personal are being assigned DVA gates. If you want to still fly under DVA your overflow may be assigned to cargo gates and United maintenance hangers.

Frontier Virtual Airlines: FVA has reached full capacity and will not be accepting any new pilots

NetJets Virtual Airlines: Has reached full capacity with no more open gates. Overflow will be processed into maintenance hangers and cargo gates.

If you have a virtual airline that is fictional and you’d like to try and reserve some gates, I am very happy to assign some. Even with the massive amount of GAs and pilots, there will still be plenty of room.

Well I leave it up to the remaining VAs to start organizing between their individual airlines and I hope by the time June 4th rolls around, we can have 11 virtual airlines in attendance and over 50 pilots.

What about IFATC?
I will not be asking for the services of controllers mainly due to the fact that I do not want to place the burden of controlling so many pilots. Now if IFATC is willing to control and sacrifice their time to help keep everything under control, I am more than willing to have them control. But unless that happens, we will be using Unicom and I expect very professional behavior.

Valued Inflight Information:
Event Ceiling: FL450
Event Max Speed: 340 knots GS
NOTAMS for ASE and EGE: DO NOT fly heavies, supers, or anything larger than a B757 or A321 into KASE and KEGE. Ghosting and reporting will be INC effect for those who do this. *

*If you are a VA that flies large aircraft I suggest a good alternative would be the southern airports (KCOS or KPUB) or doing a large-around-the-region flight with a return to KDEN.

In the event of…
In the event of a huge delay on departure or arriving, IFATC or myself (depending on if we have IFATC) will be posting NOTAMS here in his thread or creating a new one (again depending on what the situation is) on delays we can expect. DO NOT EXPECT A QUICK DEPARTURE. It most likely will be hard getting out. So don’t be discouraged. Just be patient and I’ll see you in Denver next Sunday!

Current Tally of Signed Up Pilots

#103 Pilots

Current Signed up VAs

#11 VAs


Put me down for NetJets A63, please. Aircraft type unknown right now. 😉

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I’m going to need a rough gestimate of your pilots in attendance as well, so if you can’t have them all sign up here, just give me a number and I’ll mark the gates as “taken”.

Again, if you want to sign up your fictional airline, please contact me either in a PM or below. I’m sure we can work something out! Real world airlines will have priority in terms of gates but we should have enough open gates to cover several VAs.

Welcome aboard and im glad to see NetJets VA being represented by so esteemed an IFC pilot. :)

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I would come on behalf of NetJets VA but I will be in TNCM IRL. Cool event anyways!


I’m happy to be part of the event. #SkyHub.

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If you can make it, i, sure a gate can be grabbedlasr miute. So don’t rule it out ;)

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SkyHub is a wonderful alliance and I’m proud to have you guys onboard today.

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Here to represent FVA @SkyHighGuys

Very pleased to have you onboard Hamza. #Frontier.

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Will be attending with Southwest Virtual

Can you give me an amount of pilots?

10 maybe 15? Just going to let them sign up here, don’t know if they are all available yet.

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I’ll be attending! I see I’ve already been assigned a gate so thanks for that!

My apologies lol man this is embaressing but I assigned you Southwest not American. I’ll have you and Spirit VA up on the list of attendees.

@CaptJackson I’ll mark “taken” in 15 Concourse C gates for you guys. If you have more people showing up please tell me spbefroe the event date.

@Captain_Rojas can I get a guesstimate? On numbers?

I am really excited that British Airways VA (BAVA) are backing this event.

We are proud to be an independent VA with no partnerships nor collaborations, however we are keen to extend our hand of friendship to our VA friends with this event.

I invite all our pilots to attend, enjoy and fly the BAVA flag in the Denver skies!

L Donald
Executive President


We are very excited to witness a growth in friendship between all VAs here. Do you know how many pilots we can expect?

I would support and encourage all my pilots attending. With a count of 112 active members, naturally I would hope for every one to attend. I guess we will have to wait and see!

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@SkyHighGuys did you mean to tag @N1RG

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I’ll be there from BAVA.

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