[CLOSED] The Ultimate Photo Shoot - SunJet VA Recruitment Event! @ KSFO - 070000ZOCT17

Server: Casual

Region: San Fransisco

Airport: KSFO

Time: 2400Z (5PM PDT, 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT) October 7th, 2017

Notes: So, as we are patiently awaiting IFVARB approval, SunJet Virtual Airlines would like to have a huge live event dedicated to photos, thats right, The Ultimate Photo Shoot. This event is not only to recruit pilots for our airline, but to also have the greatest time taking photos to post on the IFC. If you want, come in any aircraft, any gate (thats open), and have a blast taking off and landing! For this event, we will not have certain gates, just choose the gate you like the best, and tell us!
Gate A01: Mickell_Augustine (B738)
Gate A02: johnnybravoe (B788 and F22)
Gate A03: AsorbMC (B789)
Gate A04: kenwei (B77W)
Gate A05: Captain Obvious (788)
Gate A06: applecrumblie (B77W)
Gate A07: Samuel_Szeto (Vice President, 789)
Gate A08: Boeing747-8 (President, B748)
Gate A09: Arun_Kr_Patwari (B737)
Gate A10: JetBlue735 (78X)
Gate A11A: Marcus_Chee (77W)
Gate A11B: SVEN_MORLEY (789)
Visit our website here:

If you want to apply, visit here:

If you apply, then we will post on our slack page if you’ve made it. One of our staff will PM you about the news and invite you to a training. We also want to invite you to our official thread here

Life is a journey, travel it well

This event only was IFVARB Approved


I’ll be there gonna get the best pic taken

Ok, what gate? And if you want, which plane?

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Gate A01. And a boeing 737-800

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This is cool, thanks guys. I would like to be there in B787-8 and in an F22, please find a gate for me to be in.


Added you guys @Mickell_Augustine and @johnnybravoe! Can’t wait to see you there!


Can’t wait to hear about another shoot event from SunJet VA after the global update!

Oh, you’ll see a big one alright 🙃

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Gate A03 787-9. It would be awesome if I could join you all.

Ok, you’re on! See you there!

i am also joining the event

Ok, do you have a gate and plane (optional) so I can list you?

no, i will be in a boeing 777

ok, Gate A04 in the B777 (if you want, i dont care really, put the variant)

What date is this happening ?

I will be in a variant 300er

This is happening one week from today, Saturday October 7th

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what will my callsign be? is it my individual callsign?

Any callsign you choose, it doesnt matter ;D

Oh wow, all gates are taken already! Can you squeeze me in A05? If that’s even a gate?