[CLOSED] The Tampa Flyout @ KTPA - 241830ZAUG19

The Tampa Flyout

Made by @Dylan_M, @Pinecone, @Cannoli928, and @itsNoahKerr



About The Event

Hello everyone and welcome to this huge event! In case you haven’t already noticed, this event was made by me, @itsNoahKerr, with the help of @Dylan_M, @Cannoli928 and @Pinecone! We will be flying out of Tampa International Airport (KTPA) on the Training Server. We hope to see you all there!

About The Airport

Tampa International Airport (TPA/KTPA) is an international airport six miles (9.7 km) west of Downtown Tampa, in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. The airport is publicly owned by Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA). It has been praised for its architecture and Landside/Airside design of a central terminal landside connected by people movers to four satellite air terminals and gates airsides, a pioneering concept when designed in the late 1960s. The airport was called Drew Field Municipal Airport until 1952.

Event Details

Date & Time: August 24th, 2019; 2:30 PM EDT [America, New York]
Server: Training Server
Airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA/KTPA)


Tampa International Airport connects to many places around the world. However, due to a lack of available gates, we are unable to include every single route. Please understand this. If you would like to fly a route that you don’t see listed, please just ask! Make sure that the destination is used in real life. Spawn at your assigned gate 10-15 minutes before the start to set up your flight (create FPL, etc)! You are absolutely to not pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. You are responsible for managing your flight plans & fuel. (http://Fpitoif.com) and #tutorials can help you out a lot with this. We will have available spots for ATC, so please follow their instructions. You may be subject to ghosting. Easiest of all, have fun!

Gate Assignments

Airside A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate A1 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 KIAD @Z_3
Gate A2 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 KEWR @UnitedGuy19
Gate A3 United Airlines Airbus A320 KIAH @mitchell_janaj
Gate A4 United Airlines Airbus A320 KTLH @Captainjayden
Gate A5 United Airlines Airbus A320 KSFO
Gate A6 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 KDEN @Imyash_Sharma
Gate A7 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 KSEA @Captain_Merka
Gate A8 Sun Country Boeing 737-800 (generic livery) KMSP
Gate A9 JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 KBDL @Patrick_O_Reilly
Gate A10 JetBlue Airways Embraer 190 KHPN
Gate A11 JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 KBOS @itsNoahKerr
Gate A12 JetBlue Airways Airbus A321 KJFK @JetBlue_48_DJT
Gate A14 JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 KJFK @anon99275236
Gate A15 Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 KFLL
Gate A16 Spirit Airlines Airbus A321 KLAS
Gate A17 Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 KMSY
Gate A18 Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 KACY @InfiniteFlight48
Airside C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate C30 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KISP
Gate C31 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KAUS
Gate C32 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KLAX @Alice
Gate C33 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KLGA @Captain_T_Malone
Gate C34 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KBNA
Gate C35 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KRIC @Niccckk
Gate C36 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KLAS @Mr-plane-guy1
Gate C37 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KPVD
Gate C38 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KDAL @Mr_Shinkowitz
Gate C39 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KDEN
Gate C40 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KDCA
Gate C41 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KPIT @Ajith_Anand
Gate C42 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KPHX
Gate C43 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KMSY @CapitanJames
Gate C44 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KATL @IF515
Gate C45 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KCLE
Airside E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate E62 Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 KATL @Pinecone
Gate E64 Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 KBOS @Philip_Ippolito
Gate E66 Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300 EHAM @ChrisToxz
Gate E67 Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-900 KSLC
Gate E68 Air Canada Airbus A321 CYYZ @xsrvmy
Gate E69 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 KISP @Dylan_M
Gate E70 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 KISP @JetBlue536
Gate E71 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 KLAS
Gate E72 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 KCLE
Gate E73 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 KCVG @Johnelo86
Gate E74 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 KORD
Gate E75 Icelandair Boeing 757-200 BIKF @KTJ_Mitchell
Airside F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Gate F78 American Airlines Airbus A321 KPHX @Isacc_Paddy
Gate F79 American Airlines Airbus A320 KCLT @Walker_McAlister
Gate F80 American Airlines Airbus A320 KDFW @United2
Gate F81 Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800 MPTO @Jose_Torres_Cajigal
Gate F82 Cayman Airways Boeing 737-800 (generic livery) MWCR
Gate F83W British Airways Boeing 777-200ER EGKK @Adam_Goodman
Gate F84 American Airlines Airbus A320 KPHL @igmld000
Gate F85 American Airlines Airbus A320 KDCA @Cannoli928
Gate F86 American Airlines Airbus A320 KMIA @Everything_Matthew
Gate F87W Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 EDDF @LongHaulGuy
Gate F88W Norwegian Boeing 787-9 EGKK
Gate F89 American Airlines Airbus A320 KORD @Alex420
Gate F90W Swiss Airlines Airbus A330-300 LSZH @United2

Air Traffic Control

Note: It is recommended that all users that would like to have an ATC position are apart of TSATC, to ensure professionalism. Thank you.

Position Frequency User
Ground 121.70 @Ecoops123
Tower 119.50 @Abudy
Departure 119.65 @Ben_W
Reserve @itsNoahKerr

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The title should be: The Tampa Flyout @ KTPA - 241830ZAUG19.

I’ll take Gate E69. Thanks!


No problem! Will do!

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Could you add a gate for me? A southwest gate to Austin? It’s a real life flight- WN259 is one of them. Cya there!

also how come this is on TS?

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Can I have Gate F38W to EGLL

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Ohhh boy. One of Frontiers focus cities. Heck yeah. I’ll take a gate to Las Vegas.


See you there.

The reason why we do this on training server is because on expert server, only a select group of people get to operate ATC.


Ahh I see yeah you have to be IFATC lol ik. Anyways cya there and thanks for adding a gate!👋🏽😁

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See you there!

I like the enthusiasm, cya there!

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No problem!

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I’ll take C37, obviously 😁

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Obviously! See you there! 😉

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You should sponsor it

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Got you covered. 😉

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I’ll take the United flight to Dulles. Gate A1.

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I will cover KTPA ground and tower if that’s alright👍


Got it! See you there!

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Are you certified with TSATC?

@noa3hh I am with P&P ATC, and yes I am with TSATC, but leaving to seek IFATC recruitment at the moment.

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