[CLOSED] The_Porsche_Kid’s ATC Tracking Thread @ KSFO TS1

Hey, I am open in TS1 at KSFO getting some practice in since I have not been active lately. If you would like to join me please listen to my instructions and DO NOT BE A NOOB!!!

I’m coming, wait for me!

ok sounds cool man i probably departed you

That was ok, maybe next time not take a busy airport such as KSFO and take a moderately busy airport like KNUC or something like that.

  • You approved me for a straight out departure when I requested takeoff remaining in the pattern, seeing as you handed me off the approach you could have told me what pattern I was in, left or right.

  • Finally you could pay a little more attention to the ground aircraft, when I was pushing back, I needed to stop and let a 747 pass and then continue pushing back. You should have instructed me to hold position and then continue taxi as soon and he passed me.

I am sorry but I was not accepting patterns at the time and that is why I denied you for patterns. There are also a lot of noobs who i must pay attention to and deal with. But you can take ground or tower if you want so i can get a little extra help. :)

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