{CLOSED}The opening of air New Zealand VA first flight @ YSSY - 061900ZJUL16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 1800zulu 3pmEDT

Date: 06/07/2016

NOTAM: please come in air New Zealand aircraft Boeing 777 or a320. Take of from YSSY and formation flight of air New Zealand aircraft for pictures. This is a important launching event for this VA. Please come and star in the advertising video. We will be escorted by IFES


This event will be a lot of fun. Formations in a 777, can’t beat that

Is anybody interested? This event will be fun. It is a launching of a new VA and I need some pilots to do formations in the ANZ 777 and A320 to be in the advertising video.

Air NZ VA already exits

will try and attend to help support the start of this VA!


Thanks so much. I would love to have you fly flrmation with me. If you come, only you, can you come in a a320 air New Zealand. Livery? I will be flying a 320 too. We can takeoff together and fly together. This will allow me to take pics for the webpage @David_Lockwood

I did not know that. I do not think that it does exist as its not on the VA list. I did check before. @Jack_

was planning the Triple (that’s the one we are missing from QVIF :-( ). But can come in the A320 if you would like…still fun to fly!

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The 7773 is fine with me. I will be in the 777 to then. Awesome. As I said, you will go first and then I’ll follow you so just fly around the airport and I will move around you for shots.
Is that ok? @David_Lockwood

sounds good…could fly down to YSCB then back up to YSSY to land?

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Souns ok to me. If you could fly keeping the same heading and 5000 feet the whole way, that would be perfect. Is that ok? @David_Lockwood

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5000ft is a little low…? For a flight that length would expect to be about 38,000 ft! Can do some lower level passes at YSSY if that helps?

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Flying around SSY would be nice. I will just follow you so do what you you would like. @David_Lockwood

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I can attend


Awesome. I would love to have you flying with us.
If you are interested in joining a very fast growing VA with already 6 pilots, PM me for more information. @Vardaan_Mathur

This will be a fun event guys

He is in my VA @anon49271947

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We will be escorted by IFES. An amazing opportunity, I am so thankful,thank you @AnnieCorp_Inc for your help 😃✈️

This event will be slot of fun. Please stop by

you’re welcome!

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