[CLOSED!] The Oakland Flyout! @KOAK - 191700ZJAN19

Server: Expert

Airport: KOAK

Time: Saturday, January 19, 2019 5:00 PM

NOTAM: Spawn 10-15 minutes before the event start time(☝️). Please respect Unicom,and we will start pushback from Terminal 1,then Terminal 2,then the remote gates,and finally the Cargo gates. Do not pushback at the same time as the player next to you. Please also respect other users,and pick an appropriate Callsign.


This event features the airport of Oakland,which is a huge cargo hub for FedEx,with a focus city for Allegiant Air,and a passenger hub for Southwest Airlines! I’ve seen events at KSFO and KSJC,but not a single event at KOAK. In the Bay Area,KSFO is the big brother,KSJC is the little brother,and KOAK is the middle child. Well this event features Oakland,with many destinations to fly to,with many aircraft as well!


Please see picture above for gates.

Terminal 1 (10 GATES LEFT!)

Gate 01: OAK-LGW Norwegian 787-9
Gate 02: OAK-PDX Alaska Airlines 737-900
Gate 03: OAK-GDL Volaris A319 @TheHummus
Gate 04: OAK-DFW American Airlines A320
Gate 05: OAK-JFK JetBlue A320
Gate 06: OAK-EUG Allegiant Air A320 @TenMileJones
Gate 07: OAK-EUG Allegiant Air A320 @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 08: OAK-HNL Hawaiian 767-300 @xXDuhItzMacXx
Gate 09: OAK-LAX Spirit A321 @esant_15
Gate 09A: OAK-PHX American Eagle CRJ-900
Gate 10: OAK-LGB JetBlue A320
Gate 11: OAK-HNL Alaska 737-900 @corveenleem
Gate 12: OAK-ATL Delta 737-800
Gate 14: OAK-LAS Spirit A321
Gate 15: OAK-LIH Hawaiian 767-300 @Plnelovr
Gate 17: OAK-BLI Allegiant Air A320 @Krunchy_Toast

Terminal 2 (3 GATES LEFT!)

Gate 20: OAK-SAT Southwest 737-800
Gate 21: OAK-DEN Southwest 737-700 @Luke_Sta
Gate 22: OAK-RNO Southwest 737-700 @JacksonAviation
Gate 23: OAK-SEA Southwest 737-800 @BigBert10
Gate 24: OAK-??? Southwest 737-800 @naro
Gate 25: OAK-LAX Southwest 737-700 @Kevinsoto1502
Gate 26: OAK-SEA Southwest 737-800 @ItsBlitz
Gate 27: OAK-DAL Southwest 737-800 @Joseph007
Gate 28: OAK-SLC Southwest 737-800 @EthanT2
Gate 29: OAK-DEN Southwest 737-800 @GlobalFlyer1
Gate 30: OAK-MDW Southwest 737-800 @Cargo
Gate 31: OAK-AUS Southwest 737-700
Gate 32: OAK-BUR Southwest 737-700 @Playr_Mar

Remote Gates (6 GATES LEFT!)

Remote 01: OAK-MCO Southwest 737-700
Remote 02: OAK-LAX Southwest 737-800 @DanikSteblev
Remote 03: OAK-SAN Southwest 737-800
Remote 04: OAK-STL Southwest 737-800 @Tucker_Ryan
Remote 05A: OAK-LAS Southwest 737-800
Remote 07: OAK-SAT Southwest 737-700
Remote 09: OAK-IND Southwest 737-800
Remote 10: OAK-MSY Southwest 737-700

Cargo Gates (19 GATES LEFT!)

UPS C: OAK-PHL UPS 757-200
UPS D: OAK-SLC UPS 757-200
UPS E: OAK-CAE UPS 757-200
UPS G: OAK-SDF UPS 757-200
FedEx 01: OAK-LAX FedEx MD-11F @Weezie
FedEx 02: OAK-JFK FedEx 777F @Playboii_Dray
FedEx 03: OAK-NRT FedEx MD-11F @Rishon_R
FedEx 04: OAK-PVG FedEx 777F
FedEx 05: OAK-LAX FedEx MD-11F @BadPlane
FedEx 06: OAK-SEA FedEx MD-11F @savavalentin86
FedEx 07: OAK-ANC FedEx 777F @KMEM
FedEx 08: OAK-PDX FedEx 777F
FedEx 09: OAK-CVG FedEx MD-11F
FedEx 10: OAK-PHX FedEx 777F
FedEx 13: OAK-MEM FedEx MD-11F @Captain_JR
FedEx 14: OAK-ONT FedEx MD-11F
FedEx 15: OAK-EWR FedEx 777F
FedEx 20: OAK-AFW FedEx MD-11F
FedEx 21: OAK-IND FedEx MD-11F @Lee88
FedEx 22: OAK-HNL FedEx 777F
FedEx 23: OAK-LAX FedEx DC-10F @Corgi
FedEx 24: OAK-SLC FedEx MD-11F
FedEx 25: OAK-FAT FedEx MD-11F


All Regulars feel free to add yourself as I made this a wiki.


Can I take gate 23 please, but I instead of a md-11d a dc10-f. Thanks in advance!


Why the old livery though?

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Because it’s hot

EDIT: that sounded better in my head


Um ,all right I’ll add you!

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If you could change any southwest gate to a 737-700 to KDEN, I would appreciate it. I would like to attend!

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All right,I’ve signed you up for Gate 21!

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Thanks! See you in Oakland.

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I’ll take gate 15 to LIH.

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All right I added you! See you in Oakland,and have nice flight to Lihue!

Gate 22 to Reno in the 737-700. I will use a livery just not sure which one yet. (They teases of new ones)

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Gosh! I am debating to fly gate 23 to BWI or gate 7 to Eugene on Allegiant. I have taken both flights!

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@JacksonAviation I’ve added you! See you there!
@Plane-Train-TV you still deciding?

I’d like to take gate 7 if that helps your decision, I live very close to Eugene

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Ok,I added you! Hope to see you there!

I was actually leaning torwards EUG as I took the exact flight about a month ago. Sorry 😐. Do you want to do it together but could I be at gate 7 G41016?

Where will you two be? @TenMileJones

I can be gate 7 and he could maybe be 6 or 8? It will be KOAK-KEUG Allegiant A320 if he is cool with that

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I’m fine doing a duo, whatever is convenient

Ok I’ll put @Plane-Train-TV at Gate 6and @TenMileJones at Gate 5,it that okay?

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