[Closed] The JetBlue Crew: Recruitment ✈️ @ KLGA - 282130ZOCT15


@Elias1299, @hubandspoke1 and I have set up a group of elite pilots called The JetBlue Crew.

We hold events, flying JetBlue aircraft in all regions of IF.
We’ve got space for up to 99 pilots in the crew, and we’d like to find the very best of you to join us.

Pilots should have lots of experience on Infinite Flight, coupled with teamwork skills and politeness.

If that sounds like you, then add ‘JBC’ to the end of your callsign and spawn at KJFK Terminal 5 on Advanced ATC between 21:30 ZULU and 23:00 ZULU.

Fly in a JetBlue E190 over to KLGA and land in front of our team of recruiters.

Add a comment below with your callsign and we’ll let you know, via DM, if you’re in.

Good luck!
IFATC Tom Hitchings




JBC13 I’ll be there I’ll start at 22:00Z if that’s ok

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That’s great!

Would like to but might not make the time

We can do sessions to suit you, DM me.

Is signing up or anything to do ??

I’m not that keen to take up your tine so much. Dont worry if I ain’t there.

You’d be part of an elite group of pilots, who run exclusive events. There’s no guarantee of a place, it depends on your landing.

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So if you perform a good landing these a chance of you joining the (. )

I already am a very good pilot. What does it give you this exclusivity?

I will come as JBC1717 now

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We organise flash events, and regular weekly events flying in JetBlue colours. You will get access to the team chat website, if you land your E190 well at KLGA.

Awesome, we’re ready.

Is this in New York

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Well its busy here isn’t it

Can you extend it to 22:45 because I’m not sure if I’ll make it at 22:00

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I don’t New York

I can choose jet blue any time though can’t I maybe if you have some atc for events that would be good?

Nobody is forcing you man, but we have organised events which have full ATC coverage.

Doesn’t have New York what could he do

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