[CLOSED] The Great Queenstown Fly Out | New Zealand | VNZ | @NZQN - 010500ZDEC19

Queenstown, New Zealand Fly Out

About Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand, sits on the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu, set against the dramatic Southern Alps. Renowned for adventure sports, it’s also a base for exploring the region’s vineyards and historic mining towns. There’s bungee jumping off Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge and jet-boating on the Shotover and Dart rivers. In winter, there’s skiing on the slopes of The Remarkables and Coronet Peak.

About The Event

This event is designed to show more of new zealand, to the world. We are proud as a Virtual Airline to have such great locations like queenstown. Why Queenstown?? - Queenstown is the tourist capital of new zealand and has huge amounts off passengers passing through Queenstown international airport, 2.3million a year to be exact. We have designed a Fly Out of Queenstown International because of the natural and beautiful Southern Alps that surround the airport and provide the perfect scenery for a Fly Out.

Event Times and Important Info


Livery: Air New Zealand
Pushback 10min After
Server: Training



A320 International and Domestic

| Name | Gate 01A
| Name | Gate 01
| Name | Gate 02
| @Hendrix_Ruka | Gate 03
| @QVG-Crunch | Gate 05
| @Matt_Hulena | Gate 06
| @TK_ARMY_NZ | Gate 07
| Name | Gate 08



Keep in mind There is only one runway and it does require back taxi on take off, and on landing depending on what runway is open south or north. Be patient with others, have courtesy.


-VNZ management
Event Creator @Matt_Hulena


@Hendrix_Ruka gate 03

@Matt_Hulena gate 06

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I’ll take a gate please NZ A320 to Auckland

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Yes sure I’ll put you into the gate 05

I’ll take a gate please


Sweet as ill put you into gate 04

@TK_ARMY_NZ you have been entered in gate 07

Just saying that there’s a KSFO Flyout the same day.
66 attending and sponsored by United Virtual.

You may want to change the date of the flyout. Just a heads up!

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Thank you for this comment of feedback, I will change what is necessary


The event date has changed to the 1st December at 0500Z time!

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There are still gates left for the event on Sunday 1st DEC reply to sign up

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