(Closed) The East Bay Flyout @KOAK 212130ZJUL19

Can I have gate 01 please???

Sure, you got it, see you there @Adam_Goodman!

The Airport Diagram is now available both in this post and above in the topic!

KOAK airport diagram

You can still sign-up!

Also, Airport diagrams Here!

Morning to everyone! If you haven't signed up yet... You still can!

Happy 1 year anniversary on the forum @GlobalFlyer1!

Also, you can still sign up for this event!

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Thank you to everyone who has viewed this. We have now passed 200 views!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who has signed up!

Still open for sign-ups!


¡Todavía abierto para inscripciones!


Ke hāmama nei no nā hōʻailona!

G21 please.

You got it! You now have both gate 21 and gate 8… correct, or would you like to switch to G21?

@Airwolf… I see you landing at Dallas!

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Forgot I signed up for this event. I’ll go ahead and change to G21.

And yeah my landing was not good in Dallas.

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I’ll take SWA to Las Vegas

Thanks for signing up, I’ll put your name up now!

You can Still sign up for this event!

Gate 014 AAL 752 to KBOS

Roger that! See you there @AAEagle.

Also @AAEagle gate 14 is to KPHX… please confirm this gate choice below! Thanks.

Unless you meant you wanted to change the plane to a 757-200 and change the destination to KBOS?

Oh, do I have to change gates?

No Gate in this event goes to Boston. Would you like to change the destination to KBOS?

You are currently signed up for…

Gate 8 2:20PM Alaska Airlines 737-900 to PHOG
Can i have this plz