[CLOSED] The Dogfight of Dreams @ LFPG - 250100ZMAR17

Dogfighting Days: The Dogfight of Dreams

Hello fellow community members! For the next fantastic event put on by Dogfighting Days, we will be heading to the Paris Region for some 787 fighting! Come in any 787 to fight against other pilots! Don’t restrict yourself when you test your skills, perform dangerous maneuvers, fly in formation, and more! Fly through each other and there are no rules!

Server: Casual

Region: Paris, France

Airport: LFPG (Charles De Gaulle)

Time: 1000Z

NOTAM: There are no rules!

Aircraft: 787-8, 787-9, 787-10

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!
Comment down below to sign up!

K52: @AggieAirlines
K58: @Cpt.TC
K64: @Panther
K70: @Harris_Carvel
K76: @Ashton_Liberty
L53: @Blake_Turner
L59: @Cameron_S_Harris

Note: Gate numbers seem apart but they are next to each other

This event is brought to you by Dogfighting Days
Check out our IFC page here!

Be sure to come if you can!
Thank you,
Dogfighting Days Team


I would love to attend this event! Put me down for gate K58.


Can’t come, it is at 6est for me

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It’s at 9 EST @Pilotmaster2129 not 6

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It says 1000 Z…

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Zulu Time is 4 hours ahead of EST

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10, 9,8,7,6

Start at 6. 7,8,9,10

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It’s 1 in the morning, Opps! Made a miskake!

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Fixed It! Sorry about that

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It would be 1300 Zulu

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Not if it’s 1 A clock in the morning Zulu

So it’s 9 pm at night. Why don’t you keep it at normal 2000 or 2100Z so more people can attend

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Because @Ashton_Liberty and @lgsfly wanted that time

It’s too late, I can’t make it

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Coming!!! Put me down a gate plz!

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I’ll join the event, it sounds cool

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Love to attend please put me down for L53

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Would love to attend! Can i please get L59,

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Let’s go guys! Spawn in!

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I can’t go to the event