(Closed) The Aviation Experience: Aviation Airways Recruitment @ KMLI - 261230ZNOV16

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Chicago

Airport: KMLI

Time: 1230Z

NOTAM: This is for anyone who is interested in joining our Airline. We currently accept Grade 3 or higher pilots for our Airline, though anyone is welcomed at the event! Our Aircraft Uses the Generic Livery, you will be assigned an AV Ident. Once you sign up for this event.

We will be flying on one of the routes Aviation serves. ATC is welcome. The route will be from KMLI to KORD. You will be able to copy the Flight plan once it is set.
Event Start Time: 7:30am EST/12:30Z
Event End Time: 6:30pm EST/23:30Z

KMLI Gates:
Concourse A
A3: @Daniel_Cerritos AV001 [Dash 8 Q400]
A4: @JacobVanZanten AV002 [Airbus A318]
A5: @DeltaCRJ-900 AV003 [Dash 8 Q400]
A6: @Jet_Airways_995 AV1210
Concourse B
B7: @Ranger101 AV1233
B8: @Gavrilo AV1223

Aviation Airways/Corporate will be looking for Experienced Pilots.
Posted 10:02pm EST.


This is today, or Saturday?

Also, I’m only grade 2, will that be a problem?

@JacobVanZanten No problem! Anyone can come! It’s also Saturday, plus, you’re part of Aviation Airways/Corporate, so your automatically a Pilot regardless of what Grade you are.

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Looks like fun. I will definitely go!

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See you there tomorrow :)

Please sign me in

Is there any particular type of aircraft that you have in mind for the event?

Sorry for the late reply, I just put the A/C just because. You can use any commercial aircraft you like.

Is anyone else flying right now in the event? I’m there and it seems I’m the only one.

Sign me in

I’ll be on in a short while


AV1223 Spawning soon.

AV001 will be there soon, I’m out at the moment.

can you assign me a gate please

I flew there this morning, I’ll be on in 15 minutes.

How many pilots does aviation airways have right now?

There are only 4 for now.


Who is at the event right now?

Idk. I’m out atm. Will get in soon.

Ok, see you there!

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