[Closed] The Australian Fly @ YSSY - 010900ZOCT15

G’day mates and this coming up Thursday will be The Australian Fly event. The event is for people who want to meet new people and fly around Sydney, Australia. The information for this event will be DOWN UNDER!

Server: ATC Playground (ATC Wanted)

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSSY to YSCB

Time: 0900Z (1900 AEST) Thursday 1st October 2015

NOTAM: Qantas or Air NZ Liveries Only

More Information about Speed, HDG, ALT will be posted down in the comments below!

Have Fun!
My callsign is: BE48ST (Captain Best)

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Can we do it on Playground?

I prefer to do it on Free Flight Server because then we don’t have ATC disturbing us or any rules.

Thanks for your suggestion anyway Zachary.

Definitely going to come haha…wouldn’t miss this

Thanks man! See you there!

Count Me In!

I would have also preferred to be on Playground. Count me in, anyways.

Count me in but I would have preferred ATC playground

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Just for you guys. Look at the event details again.

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If anyone could be ATC at YSSY or YSCB that would be much appreciated!

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Tower and ground if needed for Sydney

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Woo! Hoooo! thank you.

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I’m really excited…

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Hey guys which Runway should we Takeoff at YSSY?

  • 16L
  • 16R
  • 34L
  • 34R
  • 25
  • 07

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I’ll come too

I might come, and if I do, my call sign will be Qantas 242.