[Closed] Thanksgiving Flight @ KSFO - 260400ZNOV15

This flight is to give Thanks to All! Nov 26 at 8:00 PST . We will meet at sfo The first to say their coming will be a American Airlines 767-300 And will Be flying With me a United 747-400. Othere will be f 18s or f 16s LINED IN FORMATION During Flight. firs person to comment that there comming will get further instructions COMMENT IF COMMING SO I CAN GIVE YOU A CALLSIGN FOR THIS EVENT. PARK AT GATES A And B in section a parking A 10 and A11 are reserved .The flight time will be about 25-35 min. FREE FLIGHT SERVER

On Friday there is the FNF, there will be a lot more traffic and it will be really fun. It’s pinned on the forum.

I am sorry but I never said I would be able to come, and on that matter I cannot. Another reason besides that, here in th United Kingdom we don’t celebrate thanksgiving so there’s no meaningful reason if I could come.

I can’t come, whilst the event will
Be on it will be 4:00am where I live (GMT) 😂

Yeah, it would be better because then I could do a F/A 18 escort

As I said, I cannot attend. I have engagemts that I must prioritize.

Please stop converting the title back to “thanksgiving time”. I am correcting it to the format it should be in. Events have that type of title.

I believe it’s at 4:00pm GMT, @aviationdj did u mean 8:00am in PST? ( if it was pm then try to use twenty four hour clock system here on the community. )

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Oh yeah there is no AM or PM #Illuminati Confirmed


Its millitary time