(Closed, thanks for coming!) West Coast Flying! A Huge Airport Flyout @CYVR - 052100ZJAN19

Welcome to the West Coast🇨🇦❄️

About this Flyout

Welcome to my second ever airport FlyOut! Last time I visited Toronto, in eastern Canada. For this event, we’ll be heading west, to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. This event will be held on the Saturday before a lot of us head back to school. I hope you can attend!

Event Details

Server - Training

Date - 2019-01-05T21:00:00Z

If I missed a route that you would like to fly, please leave a Flightaware/ FR24 link below to your desired route and aircraft so I can confirm it is realistic, and I will then add it.


If ATC is provided, please use it properly and respectfully. It may be busy so wait time may be longer. Do not spam the frequency

If no ATC is provided, please use unicom properly and do not spam it

On the ground, always give way to aircraft on your left, and taxi at a steady speed

Please spawn at your gate 5-10min before the event for some nice screenshots, thanks!


Want to know some more about beautiful Vancouver? Check out this link for more information on the town

CYVR, Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver airport is the second largest airport in Canada, only trailing CYYZ (Toronto). It serves around 135 destinations worldwide, and is served by 48 airlines. Check out this link for more information about the airport.

Commercial Gates

Please leave a reply below for a gate

Terminal A (Canada)
User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
@EthanT2 A321 CYYC Gate 6 Air Canada
738 CYYC Gate 7 Air Transat (Generic)
@WestJet737767 738 CYYC Gate 10 WestJet
A319 CYEG Gate 12 Air Canada
738 CYHZ Gate 13 WestJet
737 CYHM Gate 14 WestJet
Terminal B (Canada)
User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
737 CYEG Gate 17 WestJet
737 CYXU Gate 19 WestJet
@Marvilzarcos 789 CYUL Gate 20 Air Canada
@anon11948201 738 CYUL Gate 22 WestJet
738 CYUL Gate 26 Air Transat (Generic)
Terminal C (Canada)
User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
A321 CYOW Gate 29 Air Canada
CRJ9 CYQR Gate 31 Air Canada
DH8D CYZP Gate 32 Air Canada
737 CYLW Gate 33 WestJet
737 CYQR Gate 34 WestJet
@Andrey_Wing CRJ9 CYXE Gate 35 Air Canada
737 CYXE Gate 36 WestJet
@savavalentin86 77W CYYZ Gate 37 Air Canada
@esant_15 789 CYYZ Gate 39 Air Canada
@BIGGB97 789 CYYZ Gate 40 Air Canada
@Dylan_M 738 CYYZ Gate 41 WestJet
738 CYYZ Gate 42 Air Transat (Generic)
CRJ9 CYXY Gate 43 Air Canada
@Kyan_Perry 738 CYWG Gate 44 WestJet
DH8D CZYF Gate 45 Air Canada
DH8D CYLW Gate 46 Air Canada
@Rynjil_H DH8D CYYJ Gate 47 WestJet
DH8D CYXJ Gate 48 WestJet
DH8D CYCD Gate 49 Air Canada
Terminal D (International)
User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
789 ZSPD Gate 50 Air Canada
789 VIDP Gate 51 Air Canada
77W VHHH Gate 52 Cathay Pacific
@Lufthansa454 77W NZAA Gate 53 Air New Zealand
77L YSSY Gate 54 Air Canada
789 RKSI Gate 55 Korean Air
77W ZBAA Gate 56 Air Canada
77W RCTP Gate 57 Eva Air
789 RJTT Gate 58 Japan Airlines
789 EHAM Gate 64 Air Canada
772 LFPG Gate 65 Air France
@Cjthew91 789 YMML Gate 66 Air Canada
744 EDDF Gate 67 Lufthansa
744 EGLL Gate 70 British Airways
@Todor_Dimitrov 789 LSZH Gate 71 Air Canada
Terminal E (U.S)
User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
@den.aviation A319 KBOS Gate 74 Air Canada
@Dart 737 KORD Gate 75 United
@Dylan_M 77W KJFK Gate 76 Cathay Pacific
738 KDFW Gate 77 American
A320 KDTW Gate 78 Delta
@JacksonAviation 738 PHNL Gate 79 WestJet
@757fan 737 KIAH Gate 80 United
738 PHOG Gate 81 WestJet
@samoyed1 738 KLAS Gate 82 WestJet
CRJ7 KLAX Gate 83 American
@ChaiAir 789 KEWR Gate 84 Air Canada
@ItsBlitz A320 KMSP Gate 85 Delta
@Trevor_A CRJ7 KSJC Gate 86 Air Canada
E175 KSLC Gate 87 Delta
@Ryan_Poteet KSEA Gate 90 United
CRJ7 KDEN Gate 91 United
@anon82246052 738 KSEA Gate 92 Alaska
@Luke_Sta 738 KPHX Gate 93 American
CRJ7 KSFO Gate 94 United
737 KIAD Gate 96 United

GA Gates

User Aircraft Destination Airline Gate
Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 01
Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 02
Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 03
Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 04
Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 05

More gates will be added if needed


If you would like to become ATC, please PM me!







Image Credits


@Dylan_M has been kind enough to let me use his format.

This post has been made a wiki, regulars feel free to edit yourself into a gate.

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Can I have gate 39? :)

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Yep, see you there!


I will see
My sub ends the 4 so

There’s always Christmas ;)


Never seen this before. I’ll take it! Oh, and your welcome.

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See you there!

BTW: Here is a link to CX888, which connects from through CYVR on it’s way to KJFK🙂

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Yep! @Delta319 just told me in a PM. ;)


Ah man, you got the ws gate. Sign me up for anything to Calgary mate. Thanks!

I’ll switch to AC. See you there!

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Sign me up to KSJC on the Air Canada CRJ 900 Gate 86…Callsign M-ater

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You’ve got gate 86! See you there.


You don’t have to do that, I am fine with Air Canada :)

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No worries. I have no preference at all between the two, and I know how much you love WestJet🙂 It would’ve been selfish of me to keep that gate.


Don’t consider it selfish, and thanks!

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Are there any cargo gates?

Very little cargo runs out of CYVR… And commercial gates interest you?

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I will take this gate. See you There!
(Old AA livery plz)

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See you there!


3 Weeks until the event. Reserve your gate today!

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