[Closed] TFS Opening Event @ PHNL - 072100ZMAY16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Everyone is welcome to come along and join our Event. Please show your maturity and respect towards the event and server too. Follow all rules. Flight details are listed below.

Flight Details:

We Fly From PHNL and make our way down to PHTO

Aircraft Allowed: Any Aircraft you wish to fly in.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before event.

  • Copy my Flight Plan.

  • Altitude: 32,000

  • Cruise Speed: 0.85M ( MACH Speed )

  • Respect and Follow all Event and Advanced server rules.

  • Trolls are a NO NO and will be reported/ghosted.

ATC will most likely be active. Any IFATC controllers willing to control at this event, please contact me through PM.

To Join TFS :
TFS group flights!

PM either @Emil_Broe or @tonycfc95 to join.

A Big thank you from the Awesome team at TFS !



Any gate assignments?

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Sure. You can provide it if you want. We would like the TFS pilots to have a reserved Terminal.

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People are coming from the Public then please comment your display name and callsign below.


will definitely be there!!!

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ATTENTION: Event starts in 15 minutes !

Please start spawning in about 5 minutes at G49-70 (Public). TFS pilots, please spawn at G1-G34. ATC will give you Taxi instructions.

Thanks and we hope to see you at the Event !

Start Spawning at the gates guys !

Changed info:

Altidute: At your Discresion

Speed: 265kts

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I’m Air Force 305 in a f-22.

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Someone reported me😦

Note to next time - don’t fly at 1646 knots GS and expect to be sequenced… :)

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Good idea. But I was reported on the ground.

Thanks for coming to the Event guys !
Turned out pretty well but most of our pilots couldn’t make it :(

Last couple of pilots will land and I’ll call the event off.

PM @Maxwell291 as he was the Ground Controller.

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Event has Officially Closed.

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Thank you soo much to the controllers who took their time and effort to control at this Event !

PHNL Ground and Tower: @ChrizZz - AWESOME Job !

Ground: Was @StikLover2 but when we were approaching it was taken over by @Maxwell291. - Great Job Guys !

Tower: @Benny87654321 - AWESOME Job !

Approach: @Mats_Edvin_Aaro - Closed just before we were on Final. Awesome job man !
Reason why he left early- Information about terrible controlling at PHTO APP

Again, thanks to all the controllers !
Thanks to the people who came to this Event !
Share your pics below.

A Big Thank You from the team at TFS.


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