[Closed] Test my skills!

Come on down to KNUC at playground, I am currently tower and ground. Come and test my ATC skills!

Thank you very much for coming!

Time? Now!!!

I’m Air Force 512. Gotta leave, will be back later

I’m closed now, I will be open tomorrow, how
much would you rate me out of 10? And hopefully tomorrow I get to control big airports like KLAX or EGLL :D

I’d say a 9/10. You only needed to say: number 3, traffic to follow is on final, not to enter left downwind when I was already in it

I am open on KSAN on playground, come join :D, heavy traffic, Runway in use is runway 27

Thank you for coming, I will improve that next time :D

Wow you are still open? 23 hours is a long time.


I know right? My fingers and my brain is dead…

I have stop controlling now.

I started controlling way before I posted that I was online, so from next time on, I will try to inform you guys earlier :)

Have A Great Flight