[CLOSED] Test my Skills in Charlotte! || Training Server 2

I want at least 3 aircraft to spawn at KCLT, and fly all the way to KAGS. I will be KAGS tower and approach. When approach (me) changes your frequency, that’s when I will log off and do KAGS tower and approach.

Now be mindful, I don’t control often. It’s actually very rare. If I mess up on some things, go easy. That’s why it’s on the Training server. Hopefully my skills will become better, as I’m looking forward to becoming an IFATC in the future!

(please rate my ATC skills from 1-10 in the comments when the flight is over)

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I would come if I had less on my slate. I’m opening KDEN tonight 😬 But it sounds fun man I look forward to seeing how you did

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Thanks for the inspiration! 😄

How can you be approach and tower at the same time? Have I misunderstood something here?

@Tecnam2TA there you go

@HV9690 Still confused.

So I just realized you can’t do approach and tower at the same time. @Tecnam2TA wanna be tower and ground at KAGS Training Server 2, while I’ll be approach?

IFATC are not allowed to control positions they are qualified for on training.


True. Plus I wouldn’t put myself through the torture of controlling on the training server to start with, even if we were allowed.


Sorry man. Just controlled PHKO for over an hour. Time for bed now. :/

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It’s alright. Go get some rest. ;)

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In future do not ask for this. A number will not help you improve.

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You’re right about that. I’d rather get a full evaluation. Thanks! ;)

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If you’re not still open, please add [Closed] to your heading.


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