[Closed Temp.] [TS1] LHBP TWR/GND

Hello people of the IFC, I’m trying to help a friend to get used to ATC and how to fly in controlled airspace. I’d appreciate if some of you could do a few patterns to get some traffic in the area. Thank you in advance.

I will try to join. Idk when though.

First off, what server… because there is no active atc at LHBP and second, sure ill join a few patterns

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i just opend after posting :)) he said he’ll be there in 10 minutes

Thank you for coming. 😃

I’ll still open later at a different airport due to winds at Budapest.

No Problem man, good job controlling. I think you need to work on ground a little more. Your Tower is good though!

Thank you and sorry for messing up your Taxi instructions, I’ll be practicing 😃.

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