[CLOSED - Technical issues] ATC Controlling @ KPSP (TS1)

Now controlling at Palm Springs TS1 if anyone wants to hop on down and fly. Trying to get prepared for a possible test for IFATC in the near future.

Any feedback on your service would also be appreciated. :)


Coming soon, how long are you going to be controlling?


I am coming


Are yoU still there ? I am coming now ( JJF21) and will give you some feedback…


I’m sorry. I had to quit - my iPad’s screen is malfunctioning badly and I was having trouble sending instructions out. Apologies for this. Hopefully I will reopen later on today.


No worries ! I managed to do one pattern thou …

Got some pictures which I shall post now on the community members spotted thread.


1.) When I requested pushback you gave me clearence to pushback even tough an aircraft was taxiing behind and so there was a collision between the two aircraft on ground.
2.) I was given the command to hold short runway 31L twice.

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  1. My fault. Things started to get a bit mad so yeah, I’ll try to improve there.
  2. That was probably due to lag. I duplicated a few instructions several minutes apart because I’d found out that they didn’t send the first time - but then showed after that.
    Thank you for the comments.

Feedback no.2

Before looking at my trash English below, I would like to ‘declare’ that I am still training to become an IFATC also, so I might be wrong. (My callsign is City721)
If anyone do know that I have some wrong ideas, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

The first problem I noticed is that you overcontrolled the pattern. For many times you should have given me and Jet_Airways_995 an extend downwind or even nothing instead of I will call your base. A few times I was so far away (more than 6nm) and only one or two planes is waiting for takeoff. You should clear them for takeoff or immediate takeoff if you are worried. From my experience, I am quite sure that even I immediately turn base, I still have plenty of time after it has airborne. The whole idea is to speed up the process and give the pilot more responsibility. You can always call a go around if things didn’t work out.

The second one is about going around. After I call a go around, you should tell me to make left or right traffic (respond to go around) instead of an immediate pattern entry. The procedure I learn is to first respond to the go around which is telling me to make a left or right traffic then issue a pattern entry command and finally sequencing.

The third one is about 360. Controllers should issue a go around instead a 360 if the plane is on final. So this is one thing to look out.

Finally, I got to admit that I actually intentionally timed my base turn and my go around to see if you know what to do. Hope you understand why I seems like a crazy pilot.

Hope this help you, have you contact a scout before?


You rock!! :)

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. That’s a good point you made about the overcontrolling - I shall work on this further in order to make it smoother.

About the spacing though - there were more than two aircraft waiting for takeoff for the large part of my session, so 6nm isn’t a lot of space. I try to give a minimum of 3nm between two aircraft for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s good practice to do this anyway - most pilots on the TSs aren’t prepared to do quick takeoff rolls.
  2. I think, but correct me if I’m wrong, it is a real life minimum separation between aircraft.
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From my experience, if I am controlling, I would give the first aircraft takeoff clearance first the see if I have time for the second on to line up and wait. I always wish to have a go around than having me to make a 14nm downwind. If you have controlled at busy hours, you would start to learn how to squeeze time better. Your separation goal is to have the aircraft airborne before it crosses the runway threshold. So they can actually be kept very very close but not violating the rules.
This video actually explained it very well :https://youtu.be/HfreOeP30RE?t=42s
So making a 3nm separation do waste time, hope you agree. I had controlled very busy sections, as long as your command make sense, the pilot will follow so you don’t really need me to make a very long downwind, the whole point of ATC is for safety and efficiency, so my point is instead making us a long long downwind, use extend downwind and most pilot with common sense will make a reasonable gap for you.
Again, I might be wrong… Feel free to point out.


One more note, don’t issue exit runway instruction if the pilot call for a touch and go or it was at a touchdown/still approaching.

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Sure, I shall try and implement this.

NOTE: KPSP is now open again with me controlling.

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Have changed your threads title to indicate you are open , will see if I can make a appearance or not … :)

Hi,I suggest you to be aware about feedback,if you want to learn,contact a official scout or trainer and ask help.or tag some IFATC for some “good” feedback.good luck

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Ok thanks!

Unfortunately I’m still having issues. Highly frustrating…I’m going to try and reset my iPad and see if that works.

If you found the traffic too challenging, try opening at a small airport and mostly only sensible pilot will come.

Also, I can see you try to speed up traffic but you forgot to issue an go-around when the plane is still on the ground and another is on less than few hundred meters to the threshold.

One more issue is that you tell me to enter right downwind which I was already in the pattern. Hope it is because of other reasons (technical issues). If you have questions, feel free to ask a scouter or ask me if you.