(CLOSED) TAP VA Landing Competition @ EDDL - 181630ZJUL17

TAP Portugal Virtual Landing Competition


Date: Tuesday 18th


Region:Amesterdam Region

Server:Expert Server


Aircraft:A320 and B747-200 in the TAP livery. Don’t have these? Then just pick the Airbus A321 for this competition.

ATC for this event would be appreciated.

Hello guys, TAP VA second event this time It’s a landing competition at EDDL.
There will be 4 judges

When spawned in you are going to taxi to runway 23L to take-off then enter the holding pattern where you are going to do 3 laps on it and then enter the downwind to land at 23R.

RWY 05R/23L reserved for take-offs
RWY 05L/23R reserved for landings

NOTAM: Please monitor your speed while flying. We are expecting good pilots on this event,no APPR used!

Here’s the example for the holding pattern:


Gates C

Gate C08- @International- A320 - TP06
Gate C07- @Temidayo_Ekundayo -A320 - TP015
Gate C06- @Remulo15 - B747-200 - TP08
Gate C05- @VRS_Live - A320 - TP03
Gate C04- @Captain_Berto -A320-TP04
Gate C03- @QR01- A320-TP016
Gate C02- @Cpt_Chris -A320-TP017
Gate C01- SamJacobs1- A321 - TP018

Gates B
Gate B11-xxOxx-
Gate B10- @Raoul_G -A320-TP020
Gate B09- Jack_IF - A321-TP021
Gate B08-samuel_48 B747-200-TP022
(More gates will be added if needed)


Remote V16- @Narruto_Mieumieu
Remote V15- @Manuel_Macedo
Remote V19 - Free
Remote V20 - Free

TAP VA Head of events


Hey, I would like to be ATC for this event if possible?

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The server where the event is hosted is expert server. You have to be IFATC to do so.

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The event will be held on expert server, you have to be an IFATC in order to control at this event.

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Hey! I. Would like to join this event can i heve v 19?

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You want to be a judge? If yes then you could take that gate

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Hi @International. I’ll like to fly in this event

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What is the aircraft that you are going to fly 747-200 or A320?

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Gate C04, A320, please.

Curious, how do you know the METAR 3 days in advance?

Well obviously Tim, he has to be a time traveler. I have seen so many around this forum, Lol. Nice event but really how do you know what the weather will be like in 3 days?
Maybe if the wind shifts and you have to use 05R and 05L

Sign me up. Love TAP

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I might be able to attend the event, may i please have a gate? Thanks! :)

The A320 please…

Just edited the post and now both sides can be used.If the wind is to 05R then 05R is used

Hi, I would love to join at gate CO3, il be using an A321

Unfortunately gate C03 is already occupied, but you could take another gate.

What aircraft are you two going in @QR01 and @Cpt_Chris?

A320 Tap livery. See you there

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@international , I will like to join this event also ,thanks