[CLOSED] Takeoff & landing Competition @ KSFO - 262100ZFEB17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: San Francisco

Airport: KSFO

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Come Join us Sunday, as I unveil our first Sunday event, Which will be a series of competitions and events until Global is out.Feel free to use any aircraft or livery you like! (except any 787’s or any of the Boeing 777’s, A321, A320, A319, and A318’s) Minimum of five pilots within 2 hours of event. There will be one additional Judge. If you have any further questions please PM me.

1st place = Gets to choose airport for next event!
2nd Place = Gets to choose 8 screen shots to be featured on twitter

Judge: LAHockey

ATC: kylejtam


Gate A01A: @Plane_Spotter
GateA01B: @Ethan_Stiles
Gate A02: @GiAnn_Salamat
Gate A03: @QR01
Gate A04: @Hayden_Riggins.43
Gate A05: @Kyle.r24
Gate A06: samuel_48
Gate A07: @John_Ryan
Gate A08: @AviationFreak
Gate A09: @Artem_Krause
Gate A10: pigdatflyz
Gate A11A: Cameronrenwick
Gate A11B: dwane9903
Gate A12: @ceri8
Gate A18: BART130
Gate A19: XxWilliam_GamerxX
Any requests for a gate after we fill up will be considered


I’ll be there! I’ll be at gate A10


Ill be there gate A01

I’ll take A03. May I also suggest that 787s may bot be used? APPR mode can be quite a cheat tactic.


Its nice to finally have people showing up. This is the first event I hosted so I am excited to see the turnout!

Another Note: You may not Use any of the Boeing 787’s

I will take gate A05

Don’t Forget to invite your friends!

I will take Gate A4 in the 737

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If this goes well this weekend I might do a weekly thing.

Possibly at a time where other people aren’t at school the same time next time you do it.

Are you able to come? If not its fine. This is the first of hopefully many competitions.

Sadly, the time doesn’t work. I might also suggest not allowing the various A320/19/18/21 variants as they have APPR.

Ya, I know… But they don’t work that well lol

What time would be best for you in the future?

Due to just scheduling, I usually fly late(ish) at night in my time zone (CST). This results in times around 5-6Z working pretty well for me.

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Good to know. I want to make an event that works for everyone. Your feedback is appreciated! P.S. I live in PST time zone.

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I won’t make it sorry 😐

That’s all right, hope to see you next week!

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It will be nice to see you there.