[CLOSED] TAAG AIRLINE present: weekend flight to Johannesburg @ FNLU - 151400ZDEC18

I hope the people will join me in this event.

What time zone is this scheduled for??

will be this Saturday December 15, time 14:00 zulu (UTC +1)
It would be a pleasure to have you with us.

Stick me down for any gate bud, I’ll do my best to attend

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@BoiBoots You were added, I hope you can attend, it would be a pleasure to have you with us.

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Hi i would like a gate

@TAAG_VA_CEO, Diego, you might wanna join this!

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Thank you for joining us.

I’ll invite him

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Missing 23h to start the event

Is this for a Virtual Airlines? Or is a Virtual Airline sponsering it?

only for virtual airline

So TAAG Virtual is sponsering this or is it a Recruitment Event for TAV?

I’ll try to make this as clear as possible, because I can not understand your question.
There is no one sponsoring this, it’s just a common event that I decided to do.
I do not know if there is a TAAG VA here in the game

I understand. You just want to give some love to a airline. Ok. That sounds very cool! Great idea!

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That’s right, this aircraft comes from my country five times a week (São Paulo Brazil) and I like the painting, having the opportunity I would like to invite you to the event, if you could attend it would be nice to have you with us

Hello everyone, good morning, I checked all the events scheduled for today to see if there was a conflict over time, I can guarantee that there is not, we will start before any event and we will finish two hours before next, so if someone there still wants to join us will be very welcome, miss 08h00 for the start of the event

Looking forward to this

I have spawned in

Ready to go?