[Closed] | @SWNelson’s ATC Tracking Thread TS1

Hi all, I’m more of a pilot-er than an ATC-er but I though I would get used to controlling. Considering joining IFATC in the distant future.
Bear in mind that the last time I controlled was ages ago so I apologise if I’m rusty. If you want to do patterns, feel free.
I’ll normally be open for about 20 minutes
Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Now closed. Tower and Ground, patternwork is accepted.


I’ll come by for a bit! Look for American 127 heavy!

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Coming, N90D. I’ll be there soon

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G’day mate!

Welcome back to controlling! I’d recommend closing up shop and watching these amazing tutorials by Tyler, our ATC community manager! take time to watch all 20 videos and do not hesitate to contact myself if you have any questions. Try understand the basics and then open up somewhere again!

Here is the link;

Out of curiosity where are you from?

Anyway I was KE-AST, thanks for having me. :)


Yeah sorry I messed up quite badly. I’m not from Australia - I’m English but live in Singapore. Watched most of them but will watch the rest later today. Thanks for coming and the feedback!


Ey nice work mate, lol. Too late to taxi to the gate I gtg to bed. You did great honestly, I F’ed the landing by going too low, when I gunned it having no weight in the plane I just soared over the runway lol. One last time, no issues with the pattern work, great ATC as far as I can tell lol. I’m not very qualified to say though 😂

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Thanks for the feedback! I saw that landing and was intrigued by your technique…

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Good to see you flying again! I was American 127 Heavy


Would like to have that one back 😜 I’ll come back later when I’m ready 👌

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Overall, not a bad job! It’s apparent you do have a basic understanding of ATC instructions, so you’re already far ahead of many of the controllers on TS1. Keep practicing!

I do have a few recommendations, though. Take it or leave it. I’m an IFATC apprentice right now, so I don’t know everything, but I hope what I have to offer is helpful to you.

First, I want to complement you on your R/L traffic selection. For every runway I requested to switch to, you issued traffic pattern instructions that wouldn’t interfere (when possible) with other patterns, and you never had me overfly the airport. Left traffic on 16L, right traffic on 16R, and left traffic on 25 were all great selections.

When I asked to switch to 25, I was intentionally throwing you a curveball by coming in on a perpendicular runway. It interferes with other traffic and adds a level of difficulty for the pilots, but even more so for the controller! Just be cautious with inbound and outbound aircraft. When you cleared the other jet to take off on 16R while I was on short final for 25, I almost went around but decided not to, to see how you would react. GREAT catch by cancelling 16R’s takeoff clearance. I smiled when I saw you noticed your error. Keep in mind, you are the one in control. If you think you can handle controlling perpendicular patterns, go for it, but you can always tell an aircraft “unable” if you don’t want them switching to a certain runway.

Also keep in mind (and this is something they’re super picky about on the IFATC Practical test), you should be sequencing every arriving aircraft and every aircraft in the pattern. When KE-AST took off behind me and stayed in the pattern, then when I did a touch and go and came up behind him in the pattern, tell the person second in line, “Number X, traffic to follow is on X.” In this case, I was behind him and we were both on on right downwind, so you would say, “number two, traffic to follow is on right downwind.” Give the sequence first (usually pretty soon after the plane lifts off), then give the landing clearance (usually around left downwind, but it doesn’t matter when you do it as long as you actually do it…haha). If there is only one plane in the pattern, you don’t need to sequence, just give clearance. You don’t need to wait for them to report their position if they’re remaining in the pattern. Simply sequence, then clear.

I would also be cautious with your use of “I’ll call your base.” It’s not necessary in most cases. Ask a trainer for specific uses with the ICYB command. I only bring this up because I used to overuse it, too, and I was told not to.

I think that’s really it, though. Overall, you did a great job. Just keep practicing and you’ll do great. If you have any questions, you can always ask me or a trainer. 😬

(If any IFATC members or Trainers find a mistake in my input, please correct me!)

Pleasure flying with you!


I lied! One more thing!

When someone asks to change runways and you’re okay with it, give them a pattern entry instruction, rather than an immediate clearance. When I departed 16R and requested a change to 25, you gave me an immediate, “Number one, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic.” That’s the correct clearance to issue, but I didn’t know whether to make left traffic or right traffic to enter the pattern (though, you did instruct me to make left traffic after the option), so I assumed left traffic. After my change request, something along the lines of, “enter left downwind runway 25.” After that, you can clear me. Just keep in mind, not everyone will assume the same traffic pattern. You may have some people on right traffic and some on left traffic, and then you have another mess on your hands… yikes!

Keep working at it 😁 Great job

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Ah thanks - I wasn’t entirely sure what to use as the only thing that readily came up was ‘unable’. And yeah, that was quite a bad mistake with the near miss… But thank you so much for taking the time to write that - I really appreciate it.


Infinite Flight needs more great ATC like you. If there’s a way I can help, I’m more than thrilled to do so!

I wouldn’t say it was thaaaaaat bad of a mistake. It could have been, but you realized it and took positive corrective action, so the problem was resolved. You did the right thing, so compliments to you.

I just did the same mistake. I assumed the aircraft which was lined up and waiting for take off on runway 16R could cross the intersection before the final traffic for runway 25 could land. But messed up badly, the both aircrafts almost were about to hit each other.

Would you care to join in the session when I open ATC next time and send me your feedback on my performance, Thomas? Thank you.

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Hey sorry to get back to you so late. It was bed time for me… I’m up now! I’ll try to keep an eye on this thread.

Not this thread - his thread! :)

I’ll come along for a bit. I was actually about to open ATC again just now 😂

Haha thanks. If you open up later I’ll join!

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A warning, the visibility is now quite poor so come at your own risk…

You did pretty good! Just a couple things:

  • I noticed for the first two clearances, you told me right traffic after clearing me. (E.g. Delta 0203, runway 34R… blah blah… after the option, make right traffic) You don’t need to tell me to make right traffic unless you are changing me from left to right traffic and vice versa.

  • Also, Delta 76 was going a bit far on the downwind, so you could’ve let me land first (which you did say ‘number 1, cleared for landing’ to me at first) as you knew I was doing tight patterns.

But that’s it really. Thanks for opening up, I needed to get my landing count up :)