[closed] SWISS VA flight through the alps @ LSZH - 232100ZNOV17

Grüezi IF pilots

SWISS VA invites you to a scenic flight through Switzerland as we want to show you how we live our spirit that keeps us going on the path of a passion we all have in common - aviation. All you need to know is written below, we hope to welcome you on board soon.

Server: Expert

Region: Switzerland

Airport: LSZH-LSGG

Time: 232100ZNOV17


For this event we have prepared a special route for you which provides stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

Aircraft: SWISS A319, A321, A330, B777-300ER

Gates: 20 (7 for A330/B777, 13 for A319/A321)

How to check-in:
Please write a reply below that you would like to take part in this event and which aircraft you would like to fly. As mentioned above, the amount of aircraft is limited, so the quicker you reply the better. If you request a heavy aircraft but the 7 gates for the heavies are already occupied, you’ll get a gate for a narrow-body instead.

After you’ve signed up you’ll receive a callsign and your gate number. Please keep this in mind until the event starts.

!!Deadline to sign up is Sunday, 191600ZNOV17!!

3 hours prior to departure you’ll be invited into a chat here in the IFC (personal message) where we will brief you about the flight. Please make sure you read the briefing before spawning your gate.

That’s all you have to know for now. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask us. We hope to see you soon on the apron :)


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