[Closed] Super Bowl Fly-In @ KSFO - 071900ZFEB16

The event is now now confirmed. All American Liveries such as Delta, American, and United are allowed. Event will start at 19:00Z. All routes are allowed.

We need ATC as the event will be on playground.
KSFO Ground:
KSFO Tower:

KSFO Approach:
KSFO Departures:

KSJC: Ground
KSJC Tower:

KSJC Approach:
KSJC Departures :

7:00Z was 9 hours ago

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You should add PM to the time

What time is 1:00PM CST in Zulu?

It would be 19:00 ZULU

Thank You.

For future reference:

Anytime. I’ll see if I can make the event, I want to do ATC

And I sorted your title and category for you :).

Looks like we did that at the same time ;)

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