[Closed] Sun Country Virtual Recruitment Event @ KPIE - 232100ZSEP17

Server: Training Server

Region: South Florida

Airport: KPIE

Time: 2100Z


Welcome to the first ever event for Sun Country Virtual! In our First event we will be making a short flight from St.Petersburg (KPIE) on down to Fort Myers (KRSW). We will be using the 737-800 on our flight in this event. So come along and fly the friendly skies with Sun Country Virtual!

Flight Plan:

We will be flying down the west coast of Southern Florida down to KRSW.

Flight Plan


Gate Assignments
(Gates At KPIE)

Gate 01: @ AllegiantAir
Gate 02: @ Ethan_Hanson
Gate 03: @ TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate 04: @ Adam_Bratvold1
Gate 05: @ Cpt.TC
Gate 06: @ AlfsterBear
Gate 07: @ PilotE.E
Gate 08: @ Phareed_CNR
Gate 09: @
Gate 10: @ Harun_Koyuncu
Gate 11: @ John_Ryan
Gate 12: @ 2345
Gate 13: @ Lewis_Dean
Gate 14: @Swiss
Hangar 02: @James_Parker_dyer
Hangar 04: @

(If we run out of gates at KPIE then we will fill up some gates at KTPA and fly down to KPIE)

ATC services

With ATC we will be looking at people who have had ATC experience. (If you would like to be ATC please PM me)

KPIE Ground: @
KPIE Tower: @

KRSW Tower: @unltd93
KRSW Ground: @unltd93

Link to Main Thread/Website

Website Link^

Sun Country Virtual: "The Hometown Airline!"
Main Thread Link^

We here At Sun Country Virtual would love to see you attend our event! Hope to see you there!


I will remove the IFATC part, do you want a gate @Balloonchaser?

i am in put me down
i would control but there looks like there wont be alot of people

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What gate do you want?

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Because this event was just created like 5 mins ago, I will put you down


i dont care maybe gate 2

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i am spawning in it will be a nice quick one

The event is Next Week

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oops then
looking foward to it

Can I be put down, thanks.

Welcome aboard Gate 03 for you!

Thank you very much.

I’m in my mom actually flies for sun country she’s actually flying to JFK today and tomorrow, also I think you guys should fly the 737-800 because that’s what they mainly use. Cheers!

Roger gate 04 for you! Maybe at our next event we will use the 737-800.

We currently don’t use the 737-800. We are considering it though. Patience is key my friend ;)

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I’ll try to be there. Can I have a gate please?

Yes you may Gate 05 for you.

The event is for everyone. You are welcome to join if you are confused on anything please PM @AllegiantAir or me. Thx!

CEO & Founder of Sun Country Virtual

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I have you gate 06, welcome aboard!

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Can I have a gate please?